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Minor in Business for Liberal Arts Majors

From the Program Director, Jane Cleland:


  • a minor that lets students focus on a liberal arts major while developing the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a range of careers.
  • a selection of four out of six fundamental business-related courses that provide a solid foundation in the field.
  • an opportunity for sophomores to sample BALA courses and explore career options before declaring a minor.
  • a flexible program for more advanced students to test their creative career plans, explore business opportunities, and apply business principles through:
    • a dedicated program counselor and one-on-one advisement
    • mentoring
    • workshops, internships, and seminars
    • an individualized capstone project
    • development of personalized business and strategic plans

Minor in Business for Liberal Arts Majors

This minor, under the supervision of the Business and Liberal Arts Program, is designed to provide students majoring in the traditional fields of liberal arts with basic knowledge and skills useful for a career in business. Students may also apply for admission to the Internship Sequence, which includes an additional 4- or 5-credit course requirement and is supplemented by internships, workshops, seminars, mentoring opportunities, and advising.


Students may declare the minor in Business for Liberal Arts Majors upon successful completion of two semesters of a declared Liberal Arts major* (i.e., 24 credits). Acceptance into the Internship Sequence is by written application to the Director of the Business and Liberal Arts Program.

The required courses are distributed as follows:

Credits (12-17)

3 in accounting (ACC 171)

6 in management ( BBA 204; BBA 328 or 332)

3 in communication (MMS 300** or PHI 330)

To continue in the Internship Sequence, candidates must complete an additional 4-5 credits in HUM 470 or POL/SOC 470 or NSS 470. To register for one of these courses, students must earn an overall G.P.A. of 3.0 or better in the minor.

* See the list of approved Liberal Arts majors below.

** This course has prerequisites that may be satisfied by recommendation of the relevant Department.

NOTE: The same courses may not be used to satisfy the requirements for both the major and the minor in Business for Liberal Arts Majors.

List of Approved Liberal Arts Majors

African and African American Studies

American Studies


Art and Art History

Biological Sciences


Comparative Literature


Languages and Literatures




Italian American Studies

Multimedia Journalism

Latin American and Puerto Rican Studies






Political Science



Theatre and Dance

Students in the Adult Degree Program are also encouraged to apply.

HOW DO I APPLY? Complete the online application http://www.lehman.edu/academics/arts-humanities/business-liberal-arts/bala-program-application-webform.php (http://www., http://www.lehman.edu/academics/arts-humanities/business-liberal-arts/bala-program-application-webform.php), or download the application http://www.lehman.edu/academics/arts-humanities/business-liberal-arts/documents/BALAUGapplication.pdf (http://www., http://www.lehman.edu/academics/arts-humanities/business-liberal-arts/documents/BALAUGapplication.pdf) and return it to Shuster Hall, Room 177, or Shuster Hall, Room 310. You may also pick up an application at Shuster Hall, Room 177.

DIRECTOR: Prof. Jane Cleland (http://www., http://www.lehman.edu/academics/arts-humanities/english/faculty-cleland.php) (English)

Shuster Hall, Room 177



Last modified: 7/30/2015