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Minor in Public Health (15 Credits)

Students may complete a minor field with the following five courses in the Department of Health Sciences:

HSD 266: The U.S. Health Care Delivery System. 3 hours, 3 credits.

*HSD 269: Fundamentals of Biostatistics for Health Professionals. 3 hours, 3 credits.

HSD 306: Epidemiology. 3 hours, 3 credits.

HEA 300: Introduction to Public Health. 3 hours, 3 credits. One 3-credit elective: DFN, EXS, HEA, HSA, HSD, REC, or REH course.

*Note: MAT 132 and CIS 106 or their equivalents are prerequisites for HSD 269.

Last modified: 7/30/2015