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Reasoning and Exposition (Interdisciplinary Minor)

Coordinator: Rosalind Carey

Steering Committee: TBA

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Reasoning and Exposition provides students with courses that develop skills of critical thinking, quantitative literacy, and persuasive communication. While these are outcomes for many, if not most liberal arts and sciences courses, this minor allows for their concentrated and sustained development. Students completing this minor will develop capacities for thought, understanding and expression essential for graduate research and professional programs.

Degree Requirements (21 Credits):

Students satisfy the requirements by taking the following six courses.

PHI 169: Critical Reasoning (3)

PHI 170: Introduction to Logic (3)

ENW 201: Advanced Expository Writing (4)

PHI 230: Symbolic Logic (3)

SOC 3470: Reasoning with Data (4)

PHI 4010: Critical Thinking in Practice (4)

Last modified: 7/30/2015