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Theatre, B.A. (42 Credit Major)

The BA in Theatre challenges students to develop as versatile, self-directed artists in a rigorous, liberal arts curriculum that combines study in acting, dance, stagecraft, playwriting, and theatre history with practical experience in producing, technical theatre, and arts management. The major is intended for those who envision a career as an actor, director, playwright, theatre administrator, technical director or stage manager, or a profession in such related areas as teaching, law and business. The required courses and credits are distributed as follows:

Credits (42)

Core Requirements (30)

4 Selected from THE 200: Theatre Workshop: Acting / Directing (1);THE 201: Theatre Workshop: Scenery / Properties (1); THE 202: Theatre Workshop: Costume / Wardrobe (1); THE 203: Theatre Workshop: Lighting / Sound (1); THE 204: Theatre Workshop: Stage Management (1)

THE 205: Voice and Diction for the Stage (2 credits)

THE 208: Acting I (3 credits)

THE 211: Play Analysis (3 credits)

THE 235: Stagecraft (3 credits)

THE 308: Playwriting (3 credits)

THE 326: History of Theatre I (3 credits)

THE 327: History of Theatre II (3 credits)

THE 348: Performing Arts Management (3 credits)

THE 370: Theatre Internship or THE 448: Advanced Performing Arts Management (3 credits)

Electives (12)

12 Additional credits in Theatre selected from courses under the advisement of a faculty member of the Theatre program. At least 6 credits should be at the 300-400 level.

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