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Office of Veterans and Military Affairs at Lehman College

Services and Programs Provided

All student veterans (veterans, service members, and dependents) enrolled at Lehman College are eligible for services. We invite you to stop by our office to meet our Coordinator of Veterans and Military Affairs and to participate in all programs and activities offered. The Office provides assistance, advice, and counseling to all veterans and their dependents in all phases of college life.

  • One Stop Admission Services
  • Receive assistance with advocacy and liaison to the college community, Veterans Affairs, and Department of Defense, etc.
  • Help with transitioning from being a service member to being a student
  • Assitance with identifying funding and education needs
  • Help with applying for educational benefits (federal and state)
  • Assistance in the completion of the VA Certification process
  • Help with applying and obtaining Work-Study positions
  • Receive help with tuition deferments
  • Help with preparing rèsumès and conducting job searches, etc.
  • Assistance with housing and legal issues
  • Gain access to campus educational and support services

Referrals to available tutorial services, either through the Veterans Administration (if eligible) or through Lehman's Instructional Support Services Program ISSP).