Shuster Hall-Room 084
(718) 960 - 8326/1154


Richelieu Campbell 718-960-8326 Telecom Manager 
Gladys Cruz 718-960-1154 Supervisor  
Filomena Meola


Frances Ciardullo 718-960-8880 Operator  

Office Hours

Monday Friday        9:00 a.m.   to   5:00 p.m.
Lehman College Telephone & E-mail Directory  

Using the Fujitsu Telephone System at Lehman College:

General Procedures 
      a. Getting a phone installed 
      b. Getting repairs
      c. Charge back for personal calls 

Voice Messaging system 
     a. Access your voice mailbox .
     b. General Information.
     c. Phone manager option.
     d. Check messages.
     e. Record & Send messages to another voice mail subscriber.
      f. Transfer Subscribers Into voice mail.
     g. Transfer non-subscribers (general public) into voice mail for D.I.D. users.

Voice Messaging system Quick Reference Card ( Acrobat Reader Format )

Making international Calls 

Using caller ID

Making Broadcast messages to the Lehman Community