DAINA SHOBRYS: Plastic Sunflowers
September 12, 2011 – October 29, 2011

Daina Shobrys’ installation of oversized sunflowers greets visitors to the gallery through October 29th. Bright and colorful, these showy botanicals are created from plastics in an ironic twist that belies both the transience and fragility of flowers in nature.  Shobrys materials include banner fabric, tablecloths, garbage bags, beads, lanyard lacing, cable ties, flowerpot saucers, garden cart wheels and bathroom cups. Her installation is located next to the east entrance ramp to the gallery.

“Flowers are grown for their beauty.  But, showy sepals aside, their real business is perpetuating themselves.  All of the action is in the center and like many reproductive situations, has its weird and creepy aspects.  Enlarging the flowers to a giant size makes it possible to explore their strangeness in detail.  Each flower is a portrait of an individual bloom.”

Daina Shobrys          


Shobrys_sma1  shobrys_sma2  shobrys_sma