Landmarks of New York

Emilio Sanchez

Architectural Intersections




Rosemarie Fiore: SMOKE

Emilio Sanchez

Emilio Sanchez
From the Bronx Museum Permanent Collection

Linda Day Clark
The Gee's Bend Photographs


The Gee's Bend Tradition




Source Material


Cuban America:
An Empire State of Mind


   Morphology of the Print


Under the Influence;
The Comics

Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Contemporary Cartographies-apple

Contemporary Cartographies

The S_Files Exhibition

The S Files

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones


Michael Ferris Jr.:
The Bronx Series
and Other Work

Ira Merritt Photographing Woodlawn

New York Fiber
New York Fiber in the 21st Century


Plastic Sunflowers

Un Natural

Nature, Once Removed


State of the Dao

The Craft

The Craft


Doug Beube

Rare Editions:

The Book as Art

Viñoly in
The Bronx

Tony Oursler

Beyond Appearances

Surprisingly Natural:
The Nature of the Bronx

Tony Bechara:
Grand Canyon

Elizabeth Jobim:
Endless Lines

The Spotlight Series
Béatrice Coron
The Secret Life of Cities


Bits and Pieces:
The Collage Impulse

Informed by Function

Andrea Dezsö:
Small Works

Paradise Redefined



Sugar Buzz

Marisa Tellería-Diéz:

Monika Weiss:
Five Rivers


Bronx Bound
New MTA Arts for Transit

Intricate Subtleties

The City: Contemporary
Views of the Built Environment


Images of Time and Place:
Contemporary Views of Landscape

Bronx Public Art:
The Spotlight Series

Elba Damast:
Memories of Things to Come


The Bronx Celebrates:
Whitfield Lovell

Taíno Treasures: The Legacy of
Dr. Ricardo E. Alegría


Douglas Davis
"The World's First Collaborative Sentence"
Now in the permanent collection of
the Whitney Museum of American Art

Art Port

De lo que soy/Of what I am

Monika Bravo:
Symphasis * simultaneous appearances


Anaida Hernandez:
Hasta que la muerte nos separe
("Till Death Do Us Part")


Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons:
A Town Portrait


The Works of
Rigoberto Torres

Adrianne Wortzel:
Sayanara Diorama

Fact, Fiction, and Truth:
Contemporary Portraits


In View of Nature


The Turning Point:
Art and Politics in 1968

Paintings in Real Time: A Multimedia Exhibition by Jaime Davidovich


Alice Adams: Public Projects


The Bronx Celebrates:
Pepón Osorio

Lezley Saar:
Paintings from the Rap Series

Aixa Requena:
Antilles Textures

Marta Maria Perez Bravo, Albert Chong, and Mario Cravo Neto

Close to Home

Lisa Corinne Davis:

Natalya Nesterova:
Russian Wanderings

Black Printmakers
and the WPA

Contemporary Masks from the
Kuba Region of Congo

Robert Wilson,
Transmutation of Archetypes:
Medea & Parsifal



Fashion Moda

The Bronx Celebrates:
Cathleen Lewis

Physical Evidence

Femininity in Contemporary
Asian Art
If the Shoe Fits... and Vernal Visions

Masking and Ritual Theater
of the Baining and Gimi
Peoples of Papua New Guinea

The Art of Andrea Arroyo

Luis Camnitzer:
Retrospective Exhibition 1996-1990

An Installation by
Barbara Siegal

En Foco's New Works
Photography Awards

Political Works from the Collection
of Museo del Barrio


Donn Davis:
Ten Small Paintings

Leo Lionni:

The Secret Life of Plants


Edwine Seymour:
Island Possessed/
Vodou Rituals in Haiti

Edith DeChiara:
Informed by Nature

2002 Art Department
Faculty Exhibition

Children's Dreams of Peace

The Works of
Esperanza Cortés