Contemporary Masks from the Kuba Region of Congo

Curators: George A. Corbin (masks)
and Emily Marie Rekow (clothing)

February 6-May 8, 2001

Mukyeem mask, Kuba region of Congo,
late 20th century.


Contemporary Masks From the Kuba Region of Congo features forty objects from the Kuba region of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa. Exhibited in multiples in order to show stylistic variations around named types found at the courts of the Kuba king and at nearby tribal chieftainships, the exhibition provides an opportunity to study the workshop styles of masks made in the past decade by Kuba artists for sale to outsiders. Wall and object labels, wall texts, and contextual photographs offer background on the use of the masks within Kuba culture. The exhibition includes examples of Kuba textiles, beadwork belts and ornaments used on costumes. The masks presented in this exhibition are part of a study collection of eighty-seven art objects on extended loan to the Lehman College Art Department from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

Bwoom mask, Kuba region of Congo,
late 20th century.



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Ngaaady Amwaash mask, Kuba region of
Congo, late 20th century.

View of installation showing a sampling of various Kuba textiles.


View of installation showing various royal Moshambwooy and Mukyeem masks of the
Kuba region of Congo.