Prospect Avenue and
Westchester Avenue

Marina Tsesarskaya
Bronx, Four Seasons
2006, faceted glass in
platform windscreens
MTA Arts for Transit


Ukranian-born artist, Marina Tsesarskaya has created these faceted glass panels that represent stylized city views of the Bronx.  Each panel represents a season: springtime with blooming flowers and budding trees in front of buildings; summer, a landscape filled with green trees and flowers; fall with falling leaves and darker skies; and winter with snow, and leafless trees. All of the panels contain the same ironwork ornament design that was used in the Prospect Street Station as well as many other Bronx train stations when they were originally constructed. 

On the east side of the station, panels depict stylized buildings along with irises, connecting the built environment with nature. These panels are installed on this side of the station so that the sunlight can be seen through the glass.  On the west side of the station, panels depict Bronx by night along with orange lilies, which are known to remain in bloom at night.  The artist explains that she chose these views because “they represent timeless views of the Bronx—the four seasons that change constantly, flowers that represent the borough's connection to nature, and the historical ironwork ornament that connects all of these images with today's Bronx train stations."

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