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International students fail to maintain F-1 status if:

Not registered during a term (fall or spring).
Registered for less than 12 credits (Bachelors) 9 credits (Masters) each term     unless authorized by the International Student Advisor.
Remained in the USA beyond the authorization date indicated in section #5 of the current SEVIS I-20.
Did not complete the I-20 Transfer Process by the mandatory deadline of 15 days after the first day of class.
Dismissed academically.

Your Reinstatement to F-1 status will be approved or denied based on the validity of your reasons for failing to maintain your F-1 status. If you have been out of status for more that 5 months you must prove “exceptional circumstances” to be considered for Reinstatement by USCIS. If you are denied, you will be served with a notice of voluntary departure requesting you depart the USA. Lehman College is not responsible for the decision of USCIS or any inconveniences it may cause. It can take several months for a decision to be made on your Reinstatement.

Application Process

Complete form I-539. Can download from Immigration web site.
Lehman College SEVIS I-20 issued for Reinstatement.
A letter to USCIS explaining why you failed to maintain your F-1 status.
Copy of your financial documents (bank statements).
Check or Money Order for $300.00 payable to Department of Homeland Security..
Original I-94.
Copy of valid passport. Copy of F-1 visa.
Copies of all previous I-20s.

Make copies of all these documents before you mail to Immigration.

Send by CERTIFIED mail to:

USCIS/Vermont Processing Center
75 Lower Welden St.
St Albans, Vt. 05479-69765

Att: Reinstatement


Update: July 13, 2009