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Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Prerequisites for the BBA. These courses are already included in most associate degree programs in business administration:

  • ENG 110 and 120 or equivalent
  • 21 credits of Liberal Arts
  • College Math or equivalent
  • ACC 171, 272 or equivalent
  • ECO 166/167 or BBA 168/169 or equivalent
  • BBA 204 or equivalent
  • BBA 336 Business Law I or equivalent.

Sample Student Schedule. (W) Weekend class (O) Online class

Year 1

Fall (9-credits)

IBA 154 Memoirs and Autobiographies (3-credit) (Hybrid)  
BBA 207 Principles of Finance (3-credit) (O)  
ENW 300 Business Writing (3-credit) (W)  

Winter (3-credits)

BBA 405 Management Decision Making (3-credit) (O)  

Spring  (9-credits)

BBA 303 Business Statistics I (3-credit) (O)  
BBA 432 International Business Management (3-credit) (O)  
PHI 330 Business Ethics (3-credit) (W)   

Summer (6-credits)

IBA 160 Portfolio Development for Prior Learning Assessment (3-credit) (W)  
BBA 308 Corporate Finance (3-credit) (O)  
  27 Credits

Year 2

Fall (9-credits)

BBA 403

Business Statistics II (3-credit) (O)  
BBA 310 Security and Investments Analysis (3-credit) (O)  
TBA TBA (3-credit) (W)  

Winter (3-credits)

IBA 150 Psychosocial Development Of Online Commerce (3-credit)(O)  

Spring (9-credits)

BBA 407 Strategic Management (3-credit) (Hybrid/O)  
ECO 306 Money and Banking

(3-credit) (Hybrid/O)

TBA TBA (3-credits)(W)  

Summer (3-credits)

IBA Internship/Independent Studies Topics in Local Business and Finance (3-credit)


  24 credits
  Total credits 51 + 9 Prior Learning Assessment

Courses Description

IBA  150: Psychosocial Development Of Online Commerce 3 hours, 3 credits. Multidisciplinary seminar

This course is designed to study the development, impact and effects of online business and trade and the issues stemming from the new interaction of individuals and businesses on Internet.

IBA 154: Memoirs and Autobiography 3 hours, 3 credits. Multidisciplinary seminar

IBA 160: Portfolio Development for Prior Learning Assessment, 3 credits Multidisciplinary seminar

This course is designed to teach students the organization and structure needed to develop a formal portfolio of their alternative learning experiences in the workforce.

The ability to write a comprehensive and convincing documentation of these experiences is critical for positive evaluation and accreditation.

This is a 3 credit course, in addition to the 1- 6 credits which may be awarded for the Prior Learning.

BA  162: College Studies and E-Learning  3 hours, 3 credits. Multidisciplinary seminar

BBA 207: Principles of Finance. 3 hours, 3 credits. Basic concepts of finance. Includes financial environment of the U.S. economy. Basic tools of financial analysis and managerial finance topics.

BBA 303: Business Statistics I. 3 hours, 3 credits. Graphical methods and exploratory business data analysis; the normal distribution and sampling distribution of the mean estimation for means and proportions; and introduction to hypothesis testing for one and two groups. PREREQ: 3 credits of college mathematics.

BBA 308: Corporation Finance  3 credits. The economic significance of the corporate unit in present-day enterprise; its financial organization and practices; the purpose and procedures of financial reorganization. PREREQ: ACC 171.

BBA 310: Security and Investment Analysis. 3 hours, 3 credits. A perspective on the fields of investments; types of securities, market procedures, security analysis, and the influence of changing economic conditions on security values. PREREQ: BBA 207.

BBA 403: Business Statistics II 4 hours, 3 credits. Full analysis of confidence intervals and hypothesis testing; linear regression and correlation; testing in paired samples; one- and two-way analysis of variance; analysis of regression models; and nonparametric statistics applied to business data. PREREQ: BBA 303 or ECO 302.

BBA 405: Management Decision Making. 3 hours, 3 credits. Individual and organizational factors influencing managerial decision making; optimal rules of choice under different decisional environments; heuristic decision making; and selected topics of management science. PREREQ: BBA 204 and either ECO 302 or BBA 303.

BBA 407: Strategic Management. 3 hours, 3 credits.  Corporate-level decision-making under different economic conditions, legal institutions, government policies, technological progress, environmental concerns, ethical considerations, and demographic variables. Emphasis on case studies. Course Attributes: Pre-requisite BBA 204 & ACC 171

BBA 432: International Business Management. 3 hours, 3 credits. Critical issues in managing multinational organizations: international management skills, cross-cultural negotiations, ethical problems, global human resource management, and the structuring of multinational organizations.

ECO 306 Money and Banking  3 hours, 3 credits. Monetary and banking principles and practices: credit, commercial banks, the Federal Reserve System; monetary policy and its impact on the economy; and current issues and theories. PREREQ: Either ECO 166 and 167 and one additional 3-credit ECO course or Departmental permission.

ENW 300: Business Writing Workplace-related writing for B.B.A. and B.S. in Accounting majors. Focus on rhetorical issues and strategies for persuasion in business memoranda, documents, and presentations. Students prepare shorter writings, as well as a substantial formal report that incorporates data analysis and support for its conclusions and recommendations. PREREQ: ENG 120; Departmental permission.

PHI 330: Business Ethics 3 credits. Social responsibilities of business organizations. Analysis of ethical, moral, and social issues stemming from the interaction of individuals, businesses, and government.


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