Weekend Online Degrees

Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

Prerequisite: Must have earned an associate degree in nursing and be a registered nurse licensed to practice in New York State.

Below is a sample student schedule. (W) Weekend class (O) Online class

Year 1

Summer 2013

IBA 162 College Studies/Principles of Online Learning 3 cr. (W)  

Fall 2013: (6 Credits)

HIN 269 Community Health 3 cr. (W)  
NUR 300 Nursing as a Human Science 3 cr. (O)  

Winter 2014: (3 Credits)

IBA 164 Life History 3 cr. (W)  

Spring 2014:  (9 Credits)

NUR 400 Professional Nursing Practice 6 cr.(W)  
NUR 302 Ways of Knowing 3 cr. (O)  

Summer 2014:  (15 Credits)

IBA 160

Portfolio Development for Prior Learning Assessment    3 cr. (W)  

Life Experience 9 cr.

IBA 158 Principles of Biomedical Ethics 3 cr. (W)     

Year 2

Fall 2014: (6 Credits)

NUR 406

Clinical Decision Making 3cr. (W)  
NUR 408 Trends and Issues in Nursing and Healthcare 3cr. (O)  

Winter 2015: (3 Credits)

WST 206 Anthropological Perspectives of Women and Men 3 cr. (O)  

Spring 2015: (9 Credits)

NUR 409 Therapeutic Intervention V 6 cr. (W)  
NUR 410 Professional Nursing Management 3cr. (O)  

Summer 2015:  (6 credits)

POL 266 Politics & Culture 3 cr. (O)  
GEH 240 Urban Geography 3 cr. (O)  

Courses Description

IBA 158: Principles of Biomedical Ethics, 3hours, 3 credits.  Recent scientific, technological, and social development s have produced rapid changes in medical care resulting in new ethical dilemmas for health professionals.  This course will examine issues such as euthanasia, assisted suicide, informed consent , and gene therapy, and provide a framework for analyzing them.

IBA 160: Life Experience Portfolio Development, 3 hours, 3 credits.  This course is designed to teach students the organization and structure needed to develop a formal portfolio of their alternative learning experiences in the workforce.  The ability to write a comprehensive and convincing documentation of these experiences is critical for positive evaluation and accreditation.  This is a 3 credit course, in addition to the 1-9 credits which may be awarded for the Prior Learning.

IBA 162:  College Studies/Principles of Online Learning 3 hours, 3 credits.  Essentials of College writing and the use of technology as a tool for innovative and effective learning practices.

IBA 164:  Life History 3 hours, 3 credits.  This is a contextualized writing course where the students will read and respond to variety of autobiographical genre and with particular emphasis on self-reflection.

GEH 240: Urban Geography 3 hours, 3 credits.  The contribution of geographical concepts and methods to an understanding of contemporary and future urban problems.  Emphasis placed on the ghetto and the urbanized region in post-industrial societies.   

POL 266:  Politics and Culture 3 hours, 3 credits.  Impact of cultural ideals and practices on political institutions, and on political conflict and cooperation among nationalities, races, classes, genders, and tribal, ethnic, and religious groups.

WST 206:  Anthropological Perspectives on Women and Men 3 hours, 3 credits.  The roles of females and males in both simple and complex societies.   Exploration of some of the factors involved in differential allocation of work, roles, prestige, and power among females and males.  Factors to be examined include economic structure, the distribution of power, the process of socialization, and ecological adaptation.

HIN 269:  Analysis and Action for Community Health 3 hours, 3 credits.  Health needs of families in the context of their communities. PREREQ: 30 College Credits.

NUR 300:  Nursing as a Human Science 3 hours, 3 credits.  Historical, philosophical, and theoretical foundations of nursing and selected topics relating to the intersubjective nature of professional nursing and its moral, ethical, and legal dimensions. PREREQ: Admission to the Nursing major.

NUR 302:  Ways of Knowing in Nursing 3 hours, 3 credits.  Methods of research and inquiry in nursing and their implications for clinical practice.  PREREQ or COREQ:  NUR 300

NUR 400:  Professional Nursing Practice 9 hours, 6 credits.  Health assessment and therapeutic intervention through communication theory and skills, interprofessional collaboration, and professional role development.  PREREQ or COREQ: NUR 300, NUR 302, and HIN 269.

NUR 406:  Clinical Decision Making 3 hours, 3 credits.  The processes of clinical judgment and decision-making.  Examination of the interaction between diagnostic and therapeutic reasoning within the context of ethical reasoning.  PREREQ:  NUR 303 or NUR 400.

NUR 408: Trends and Issues in Nursing and Healthcare 3 hours, 3 credits.  Identification and exploration trends and issues, with opportunity to debate and to defend a position on issues.  PREREQ: NUR 405 or NUR 406 and NUR 407 or permission of instructor.

NUR 409: Therapeutic Intervention V:  Nursing Synthesis 3 hours lecture, 12 hours clinical laboratory, 6 credits.  Synthesis of knowledge and skills required to effectively support clients, families, and groups along trajectory from diagnosis through end of life.   Population-based care, as it relates to disaster preparedness and targeted nursing response.  PREREQ: NUR 405 or NUR 400 and NUR 406. COREQ: 410

NUR 410:  Professional Nursing Management 3 hours, 3 credits.  Professional role of the nurse in the healthcare system.  Emphasis on leadership and management theory, as related to nursing administration, organizational design, and governance.  COREQ: NUR 409.

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