Wellness Education and Promotion


Check out what we've been doing on campus!

Free apples and oranges during the 5-A-Day Fruits and Vegetables Challenge!


Student Tonja Deleston playing Sex Jeopardy!


Peer Educator, Salimah Ross, demonstrates how a Breast Self-Examination is performed using a demonstration model


A student prepares to try driving the "drunk driving" simulation car


Students try out the alcohol impairment simulation goggles


Vice President of Student Affairs, Jose Magdaleno, and Lehman College President, Ricardo Fernandez, participate in the "Bring Your Sneakers to Walk" event.


Lehman Player, Reynolds Fernandez, perform in the skit, "Guess What I Gave You!"


Students learn about portion size and nutritional facts about different foods


Student listen as speaker and attorney, Brett Sokolow, talks to students during an event called "Drunk Sex or Date Rape"

Last modified: Oct 13, 2011