Wellness Education and Promotion

Peer Health Educators

The Peer Educators are a group of student leaders who carry out the Wellness Education and Promotion Program's mission through peer education, classroom workshops, and event planning and promotion. The Peer Educators are selectively chosen through a highly selective Student Affairs application and interview process.


Meet the Fall 2015-Spring 2016 Peer Health Educators


Melissa De Los Santos

Major: Dietetics, Food and Nutrition


As a first time Peer Educator, Melissa wants to learn about all aspects of a healthy lifestyle including mentally, physically, and relationships with others. She hopes to use all the knowledge she has gained from her classes and experiences to guide individuals. She would like to help students understand the importance of a healthy life and self-love to aid them throughout their college careers. She enjoys gardening, going the the gym, and of course food!      

Michelle Polanco

Major: Dietetics, Food and Nutrition

Minor: Psychology


Michelle is a transfer student from Queens College. In a few years she would love to become a clinical nutritionist and hope to change as many lives as possible. She achieves to do the best on anything she puts her mind to and overcomes the toughest challenges. Her goals is to set an example to the community. Within her research development, she organizes how the mind can take over your body. She feels that we need to realize, adversity is the key to success. Michelle's passion is to help individuals become successful in any possible way. To put a smile on their faces and be able to see them move forward but most importantly to stay healthy as well. She states, "Everything starts with the mind, it can make you or break you. Any adversity can be conquered with help and dedication." This is what she hopes to bring to students as a new peer educator for the wellness program. Nonetheless, she enjoys the gym, dancing and spending her leisure time with her family and friends.

"A broken crayon will still color"


Amanda Rodriguez

Major: Mathematics

Minor: Middle and High School Education


This is Amanda’s first year as a PEER Educator, and she is determined and dedicated to instilling a healthy lifestyle within her peers and those outside of the Lehman Community;She joined the Wellness Program to not only guide her peers, but also join them in the journey to a healthier lifestyle. Her hobbies are tennis, reading, dancing, and a passion for psychology.



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