Wellness Education and Promotion

Meet the 2016-2017 Lehman Wellness Health Education Team

The Lehman Wellness Health Education Team is a group of student leaders who carry out the Wellness Education and Promotion Program's mission through peer education, coaching, classroom workshops, and event planning and promotion. Members of the Health Education Team are chosen through a highly selective and competetive application and interview process.

The Health Education Program is composed of the senior peer leadership team, the Wellness Coaches, work-study students, health education interns and volunteers. If you are interested in becoming part of our team please contact Dugeidy Ortiz, Director, at Dugeidy.Ortiz@lehman.cuny.edu.

Meet the Fall 2016-Spring 2017 Peer Leadership Team

Melissa De Los Santos

Major: Dietetics, Food and Nutrition


As a first time Peer Educator, Melissa wants to learn about all aspects of a healthy lifestyle including mentally, physically, and relationships with others. She hopes to use all the knowledge she has gained from her classes and experiences to guide individuals. She would like to help students understand the importance of a healthy life and self-love to aid them throughout their college careers. She enjoys gardening, going the the gym, and of course food!      


Amanda Rodriguez

Major: Mathematics

Minor: Middle and High School Education


This is Amanda’s second year as a PEER Educator, and she is determined and dedicated to instilling a healthy lifestyle within her peers and those outside of the Lehman Community. She joined the Wellness Program to not only guide her peers, but also join them in the journey to a healthier lifestyle. Her hobbies are tennis, reading, dancing, and a passion for psychology.



Madeline Peguero

Major: Philosophy

Exercise Science



Madeline Peguero is a hardworking, passionate and motivated individual who strives to do her best in every challenge. She is a Junior, majoring in Philosophy.  She identifies as Dominican-American, but somehow is always perceived as being anything but Dominican-- like Persian, Brazilian, Indian, even Egyptian. One of the ways she has grown into the person she is today is by empowering others and interacting with a wide diversity of people who have molded her into the open-minded and easygoing person she is today. Outside of Lehman she works as a Wellness Coach to motivate, support, and assist individuals within her community. Her work focuses on helping others with their nutritional, physical and emotional needs. Madeline firmly believes in civic engagement and service. She looks forward to giving back as much as she can and being able to make a difference in the lives of many individuals while at Lehman and beyond.



2016-2017 Wellness Coach Team

Amber Washington

Major: Dietetics, Food and Nutrition

Year: Senior


Hi! My name is Amber Washington. I am a DFN major and Exercise Science minor. I am a strong advocate for health, fitness and nutrition. I have experience working at farmers markets teaching people how to cook healthy. I enjoy many hobbies such as yoga, DIYs, crocheting and art. After graduation, my goal is to work with children and their parents to teach them healthy eating habits for a lifetime.

Clavel Coleman Jr.

Major: Exercise Science (Physical Therapy Concentration)

Year: Junior


Hi! My name is Clavel Coleman Jr.! As a Bronx native, I always try to bring something different to the table. I've done all of my schooling to this date in private schools throughout the Bronx. However,  I have never limited myself to this borough. Having done some traveling around the world, I try to incorporate my experience to my everyday life. I've always been enthusiastic when it came to the topic of health and wellness. A way I've learned to showcase that enthusiasm is through sports. I am currently a member of Lehman College Track and Field team; this upcoming season will be my third year as part of the team. Track and field has been a part of my life since the fourth grade. Over the years it's become a very important part of my life. It has taught me a lifestyle focused around disciple, and appreciation for one's hard work. I look to share my knowledge to positively impact the lives of others and have them do the same for me.

Damaris Rodriguez

Major: Health Education and Promotion

Year: Senior


Bio will be posted shortly.


Elisha Emmanuel Edwards

Major: Exercise Science (Physical Therapy Concentration)

Year: Junior


Hi! My name is Elisha Emmanuel Edwards. I am a Macaulay Honors student, pursuing a B.S. in Exercise Science. I enjoy being active and prolific in the Lehman College community and even beyond that. I  love to volunteer my time and provide assistance to underserved communities and others that need it. Additionally, I exercise and lift  weights in my leisure time. Due to my passion for physical activity and health, I aspire  to be a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer.

Isimar Lopez

Major: Dietetics, Food and Nutrition

Year: Senior


Hi! My name is Isimar Lopez and I am a Dietetics/ Nutrition major. My future goal is to become a pediatric dietitian in order to teach children good eating habits from an early age. While I work towards my goal, I also play a role in helping my community by volunteering at my local church by fundraising and organizing different cultural events. In addition to this, I dedicate my spare time to my hobbies which includes crafting and knitting.

Jairy Padro

Major: Health Education and Promotion

Year: Junior


Hi! My name is Jairy Padro. As a junior in Lehman College, I am majoring in Health Education and Promotion. Being a new addition to the Wellness Program, my goal is to encourage my peers to adopt healthier habits and guide them to reach their full potential. I enjoy dancing, exercising and trying weird food recipes!

Jaylene Quito

Major: Undeclared

Year: Sophmore


Photo and Bio will be posted shortly.

Jonathan Lozano

Major: Exercise Science

Year: Junior


Hi! My name is Jonathan Lozano. I am an exercise science major and I am a fitness enthusiast, I like giving out a helping hand to anyone I can. I am an activemultitasker and a nice person who's willing to the best I can, and meet whatever challenges comes my way.

Kasheen Robinson

Major: Biology

Year: Sophomore


Hi! My name is Kasheen Robinson. I am currently entering my sophomore year at Lehman and I am majoring in Biology. I am also seeking to channel my creativity and love of art towards a major/minor in Graphic design. Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to link both majors. I am also a Wellness Player. The Wellness Players help to promote wellness and health education through theater and media. I like to help people when I can and I like to interact with different people. I also enjoy playing basketball and being a part of a team. In the future I would love to become a successful Physician Assistant and Graphic Designer.

Lesley Gonzalez

Major: Undeclared

Year: Sophomore


Hi! My name is Lesley Gonzalez and I am Mexican-American. I am a woman with big dreams and I am always looking for something to do, whether it is academic or something that will benefit me in the future. I enjoy helping others, therefore I have decided to pursue a degree as a social worker and minor in Spanish. I have an interest in becoming a Spanish translator. Some of my future goals include, traveling the world, becoming a volunteer at a non-profit organization and enjoying the rest of my college years by attending every event hosted at the school. During my free time I enjoy listening to music or going shopping. Most of the time you will catch me baby-sitting my cousins or surfing the web to see what new opportunities are out there for me. I am always thrilled to try something new!

Madjdi Zakaria

Major: Health Service Administration

Year: Junior


Hi! My name is Madjdi Zakaria and I’m pursuing a B.S. in Health Service Administration. As a Health Service Administrator, my responsibilities will be to handle the overall business management of health care facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes. Whether I’m responsible for the entire facility or specific department, my task will consist of creating and implementing policies and procedures, hiring and supervising staff members, control finances, order supplies, maintain records, and coordinate my plans with those of other health care managers. As for my hobbies, I love reading inspiration books on my spare time and one of my favorites book among many others so far is ""Living With Joy"" by Sannaya Roman.  In addition to that, I like listening to music, playing soccer, go bowling, swimming, spend time with family, traveling, participating in volunteer works/jobs, and most important I like being part of activities that required team work and spirit. With my ability to not only relate but also to connect to people from all race, age and gender, my future goals is to use that ability building more meaningful relationships with people around me which eventually will allow me to connect with them on deep levels.

Nancy Arriola

Major: Undeclared

Year: Junior


Hi! My name is Nancy Arriola and I am currently a Sophomore at Lehman College. I am exceptionally interested in all areas in the science field, which is why I plan to major in either Chemistry or Biology. I aspire to become a Laboratory Technician who is someone who runs tests on blood. On my spare time, you can catch me taking a jog at the park, or getting lost in a book. I am quite excited to be a part of the Lehman Wellness Health Education team!




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