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Department of African and African-American Studies at Lehman College

Information for Students

Resources for Students

Africana Links: web resources in Africana Studies, African American History, and the study of the African diaspora.

Why Africana Studies?

Many students choose to take a double major in Africana Studies and in another discipline. They opt for a second major to enhance their career and professional goals. Students also take Africana Studies to increase their awareness and understanding of the history and cultures of peoples of African descent. In situations involving intensive contact with persons of African descent, such as in the fields of education, health, psychology, social work, and in the criminal justice system, an Africana Studies studies major, or students who have taken courses in Africana Studies, will have an advantage in the job market.

Africana Studies majors often go on to pursue graduate studies leading to the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees and professional careers in law and medicine. A degree in Africana Studies can enable a student to secure employment overseas, in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. In many employment situations (for example, teaching, community work and diplomatic service), a major in Africana Studies can enhance the attractiveness of a candidate to a prospective employer.

Honors Society

Outstanding students are eligible for induction into the Africana Studies Honor Society, Morani Shujaa.

Student Clubs

All students interested in Africana Studies are welcomed to join the Department's major club, Ujamaa Weusi. Many students also become members of the Caribbean Students Association and the African Student Union.

Awards and Honors

Students are eligible for the following awards in recognition of outstanding scholarship and contribution to Africana Studies:

  • The Jane Harris Award;
  • The Clarence Paul Fenton Scholarship;
  • The Neville Andrews, Sr. Scholarship;
  • The San Diego Foundation Family Trust Fund Scholarship;
  • The Walford I. Edwards Scholarship.

Consult the Department for details on these awards. Student who qualify for departmental honors are required to take BLS 481: Honor Project.