From 1985 until 1998, Incite! appeared semi-regularly, first as a fairly typical fanzine (with concert and record reviews, features by several writers, and correspondence), and later as a newsletter about my label, Harriet Records, with a healthy dose of record reviews thrown in. On the way, it also included poetry, snack reviews, and whatever else happened to be on my mind. It was a small part of a large cluster of like-minded small parts that went by the name of indie pop. It's the closest thing to a diary I ever kept, or ever will keep. These links (just click the cover) take you back to the first issue and all 29 that followed. Click each cover to bring you to the full issue (on the web or as a pdf file), including a short summary in each case of how what's on the page related to what was in my life at the time.

Click here for a general index to all the articles, including selected record and live reviews, and here for a recent blog about this website in the London Review of Books.

Click here to read more about Harriet and to see what I'm listening to now and then. And click here for my personal home page.

--Tim Alborn

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Bonus issue: The Pedestrian (from 2003... or 1923?)


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