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Calling all graduates! Did you graduate from Lehman College with a major or minor in Art, Art History or CGI? Keep in touch! We would love to hear from you and also send you a personal invitation to our anniversary celebration. Send an e-mail to or call 718-960-8256.

Sara Conde (MFA 2011)Sara Conde (MFA 2011) Though living now in her native Madrid, Sara Conde’s color woodblock print is on exhibit at the International Print Center New York’s New Prints/Winter 2012 Show in Chelsea through March 2012.

Amy Digi (M.F.A. 2007) had paintings on exhibit in NYC in the “Small Works” show at the Manhattan Borough President’s Office, and has an exhibit “Paintings from the Produce Aisle and Garden,” at the Public Healthcare Communications Group, 1675 Broadway, 8th Floor, NYC 10019 (January-March 2012). She is also an artist in residence for the US Coast Guard. Her website is

David Donabedian (M.F.A. 2008) is working as an assistant professor and librarian at Hunter College, CUNY. Images of his work have appeared together with his poetry in the Armenia-based literary paper Yeghanan Pogh in 2009. Other works translated and published in Armenia-based journals include an essay examining the Japanese tea ceremony and culture, Tea and the Sword: Zen Mind, Buddhism and the Noble Way (Karoun, 2009), and 38 of his poems entitled Quasimodo Sunday (World Literature in Armenian, 2009).

"I think the greatest strength of Lehman's MFA program was the opportunity therein to explore and experiment throughout its duration," Donabedian said. "Rather than being geared to finding a signature style with which to enter the art market, the program, while not blind to the marketplace, offered the chance to do the exploration necessary for real growth and also allowed for the development of student ideas and vision. In addition, because Lehman accepts part-time students it is more inclusive than most MFA programs. Non-traditional and returning students help to further enrich the program with their varied backgrounds and experiences."

James Horner (MFA 2010)

James Horner (MFA 2010) is exhibiting in a group exhibit: “The Wicked Twins: Fame and Notoriety,” at the Paul Robeson Galleries, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ (January 2012), and at the Elizabeth Foundation in NYC.




Graig Kreindler (M.A. in Art Education, 2007)Graig Kreindler (M.A. in Art Education, 2007) known for his true-to-life depictions of famous moments in baseball—was commissioned to do a painting for the Baseball Assistance Team’s (B.A.T.) annual dinner. This painting was auctioned off at the January 2012 dinner in NYC, and was featured on the cover of the journal for the event. Graig was a guest at the 23rd Annual B.A.T. dinner—among such notables as Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax, Ron Swoboda, Orlando Cepeda, Tom Seaver, among others. His website is

Domenico Petrillo (M.F.A. in painting, 2007) teaches fine arts and photography at Harrison High School in Harrison, N.Y., and maintains an art studio practice. He belongs to the Beacon Artist's Community and shows in Beacon, N.Y. and well as in New York City.

"Lehman offers a fabulous fine arts immersion program with a broad discipline and insightful faculty" Petrillo said. "There are a variety of concentrations to pursue within the fine arts program that allow for a hybrid exposure of new media concepts. The dynamic of old and new processes is genuinely alive at Lehman. The program reflects the timeless conversation between process, craft and concept in the creation of art."

Maria (Pagliarulo) Molton (B.A., 1998) graduated summa cum laude. She enrolled in Lehman's MFA program in painting immediately thereafter. At the present time she lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and in Southhampton, N.Y.

"My entire experience at Lehman College truly shaped who I am becoming... since we are always in a state of becoming," Molton said. "I often look back at that intellectually rich and art-infused time in my life; it acted as an amazing springboard to reaching the heights I work for on a daily basis with regard to my art and writing endeavors." Maria's work consists of landscapes and nudes which she sells privately.

Natalie Wood (M.F.A., 2009) had a solo show entitled Seductive Disaster at the gallery of Takt Kunstprojektraum in Berlin, Germany. She is also part of the Artist In the Marketplace Program at the Bronx Museum of Art and will be in the AIM 30 show in 2011. She has been accepted into the Chashama studio program in Brooklyn. She works as a teaching artist through Creative Classrooms and is a project manager at the Bronx Children's Museum. Her website is

Tom Stoelker (B.A. 2009) is an assistant editor at The Architect's Newspaper. He came to Lehman to study photography and English literature. At Lehman he was editor in chief of The Meridian. On graduating, he received a scholarship to get his master's in arts journalism at Columbia University. His photography and writing has appeared in The Manhattan Times, The New York Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer. His web site is

"One aspect that makes Lehman’s art department so successful is that it remains steadfastly old school while fully engaged with the present," he said. "You want to do computer animation? Fine, but you’ll need to learn how to draw first. You want to do digital photography? You’ll need to spend at least a year working in film. Lehman’s art professors understand that technology is inspired by nature. This dual approach has helped me remember to look up from my laptop and stay inspired by the real world."