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Department of Languages and Literatures at Lehman College

Policies and Procedures

Computer/Equipment DisposalFirst inform the department chair of the intended e-waste disposal. Then e-mail the request, including the equipment's location and serial number/s to: Property Manager Victor Delgado at Shuster Hall B-076, phone: 718-960-8305, and Cc: the Department Chair. All computer equipment must be disposed of according to federal EPA regulations.

Computer/Equipment Lost or StolenIf computer equipment cannot be located, nor traced to the user, the department must inform both IT and Public Safety. Note: Each Department is responsible for their smart classroom equipment loans and returns I.e. designated laptops, VGA cables, etc.

Computer/Equipment Move Requests - Computer and other equipment moves requested by faculty or staff require a signed memo from the department chair. The memo must contain specific details as to the location of the equipment that is to be moved, including 1) A description of what exactly is being moved, 2) The location where the equipment is to be moved, and 3) Where specifically within the new space it is to be set up. The signed memo from the Chair should be received before the move is carried out. Note: Equipment moves include computers, monitors and printers. For furniture and other non-technology item moves, contact Buildings & Grounds.

Computer/Equipment Purchase RequestsA request to purchase/replace a faculty computer is sent to the Department Chair. The Chair collects, prioritizes, and forwards all Department requests to the Dean's office. The Dean's office collects, prioritizes, and forwards all School requests to the Provost's Office. The Provost's office collects, prioritizes, and forwards Academic computer requests to IT. Once IT receives and registers new equipment, they directly contact the faculty member to schedule the installation.

Computer/Equipment Repair Requests - E-mail the computer service request and include: 1) Requestor's name, Office, Phone, and e-mail, 2) Computer/equipment make, Model, and Serial Numbers, 3) Computer/equipment problem description, 4) Service location. You may use the Track-It System:

Copy Machines, Faxes, and Multi-Function Printers - Copy, Fax and Multi-function Printer repairs are not performed by IT. If a problem occurs, contact the designated service provider.

Office Access AuthorizationWork orders must have the signature of the person authorizing access to the office space. In order to enter office spaces to perform services, technology staff must receive said authorization. Access may be granted by the department secretary, chair, faculty member, or another designated individual.

Portable Equipment Off-Campus Use Requests - Faculty members using Lehman College a laptop, iPad and/or other portable technology equipment MUST complete an OFF CAMPUS FORM. Prior to you receiving the laptop/iPad, etc., obtain the Information Technology Services distributed Request to Use Lehman Equipment Off-Campus form, as well as the required Department Chair signature.

Private InformationUsers are required to take all necessary precautions to safeguard their own private information. These precautions include, but are not limited to, using strong passwords, safeguarding the access to passwords, and being conscientious about not allowing others to view unprotected screen information. See IT policies.

Questions for IT If Faculty, staff, and students have IT related questions, they are welcome to phone 718-960-111, visit the Academic IT Center in Carmen Hall room 108, or go to the IT helpdesk. If necessary, we will set up an appointment for more in-depth consultation services.

Software RequestsFaculty or staff requesting other-than-standard software must provide in writing the specifications of the installation and an authorized copy of the license agreement. If the user does not have the license agreement, then the user must provide a letter from the publisher/producer granting such user the right to install the software with specific terms of use. Also acceptable are copies of purchase orders and small order forms from the Research Foundation, which show the software has been purchase for the intended user. Additionally, the College does provide some other software, some of which have recurring licenses including SPSS. If you wish to inquire about our available other-than-standard software products, contact your Technology Coordinator or John Dono at x8338 or e-mail at

Startup Funded Equipment OwnershipAll computers, printers, scanners, and other technical equipment purchased with Faculty Start-Up Funds remains the property of Lehman College. All portable technology equipment purchased with Faculty Start-Up Funds requires a memo to Public Safety, as well as the Information Technology Services distributed Request/Approval to Use Lehman Equipment Off-Campus form. The later requires the Department Chair signature. Upon separation from the College, all technology equipment must be returned. If you have questions, contact our Property Manager, Victor Delgado at

User Account Privileges and Requests - Faculty user account information requests are made through the Departmental Chair. Faculty and staff are granted computer user account privilege consistent with their work-related responsibilities. Because all user accounts are created with role-specific user access, only perform tasks granted. Deviation from this may be granted if users provide acceptable rationales as to why additional, such as administrative, access is needed. Individuals requesting administrative access will be required to sign such form confirming he/she has fully accepted the responsibilities of such access rights and absolves Lehman College from liability caused by illegal actions on the part of the user. Additionally, no users are permitted to install unlicensed software on any Lehman College computer or device.

Note: These policies are subject to revision and modification. In the event a change or additional policy is added, then such information will be sent via e-mail to each department Chair who is responsible for sharing such information to his/her department.