From the Program Director, Jane Cleland

BALA is:

Minor in Business for Liberal Arts Majors

This minor, under the supervision of the Business and Liberal Arts Program, is designed to provide students majoring in the traditional fields of liberal arts with basic knowledge and skills useful for a career in business. Students may also apply for admission to the Internship Sequence, which includes an additional 4- or 5-credit course requirement and is supplemented by internships, workshops, seminars, mentoring opportunities, and advising.


Students may declare the minor in Business for Liberal Arts Majors upon successful completion of two semesters of a declared Liberal Arts major* (i.e., 24 credits). Acceptance into the Internship Sequence is by written application to the Director of the Business and Liberal Arts Program. The required courses are distributed as follows:

Credits (12-17)

* See the list of approved Liberal Arts majors below.
** This course has prerequisites that may be satisfied by recommendation of the relevant Department.

NOTE: The same courses may not be used to satisfy the requirements for both the major and the minor in Business for Liberal Arts Majors.
List of Approved Liberal Arts Majors

Students in the Adult Degree Program are also encouraged to apply.

HOW DO I APPLY? Complete the online application, or download the application and and return it to Carman Hall 396.

DIRECTOR: Prof. Jane Cleland (English)
Carman Hall 396