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History Department at Lehman College

Faculty: Martin Burke

Martin BurkeAcademic Interests

American intellectual and cultural history, modern Ireland


Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American intellectual and cultural history, history of the social sciences, history of religion

Selected Publications

  • Burke, Martin. "Symposium: On Quentin Skinner, from Methods to Politics," The Journal of the History of Ideas73.1 (2012).
  • Burke, Martin, ed. with Melvin Richter. Why Concepts Matter: Translating Political and Social Thought (Leiden: Brill, 2010).
  • Burke, Martin. “Publishers and Publics in Nineteenth-Century Irish America,” in James Murphy, ed., The Oxford History of the Irish Book, vol. 4 ( Oxford: Oxford University Press, (2010).
  • Dermot MacMurrough; or, the Conquest of Ireland. By John Quincy Adams. New Edition and Introduction (Washington, D.C.: Maunsel Press, 2003).
  • The Conundrum of Class: Public Discourse on the Social Order in America. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1995.

Articles, Reviews, and Essays

  • "Explaining and Evading Change in Early American Cultural History" in Niall O’Ciosain, ed. Change and Cultural History (Dublin: MacMillan, 2003.)
  • "'Papistes' ou 'catholiques'? 'papisme’ ou 'catholicité'? Terminologie confessionnelle et culture politique en Irlande et aux Etats-Unis à la fin du 18e et début du 19e siècle." Revue Dix-Huitième Siècle 34 (2002).
  • "The Social Construction of Reality" in Encyclopedia of American Cultural and Intellectual History (New York: MacMillan, 2000).