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MACBS Conference Spring 2003

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SESSION ONE: 9:30-11:15

(I) Oppression and Resistance in Late Medieval England
Chair: Samantha Kelly (Rutgers University)
Ilana Krug (University of Toronto), Wartime Corruption and Complaints of the English Peasantry
Peter Larson (Rutgers University), The Bishop of Durham’s Widows: A Failed Attempt at Seignorial Exploitation After the Black Death
Caroline Dunn (Fordham University), Damsels in Distress or Partners in Crime? The Abduction of Women in Medieval England
Comment: James Masschaele (Rutgers University)

(II) Politics, Crisis and Revolution in 18th-Century Britain and the Atlantic World
Chair: Rachel Weil (Cornell University)
Gerard Siarny (University of Chicago), England in Europe: Divided Politics and the Origins of the War of the Spanish Succession
Mark Wallace (University of St. Andrews), Scottish Freemasonry, 1725-1808--The Culmination of Crisis: Lodge Conflict, Financial Distress, Political and Religious Agitation
Aki Kalliomäki (University of California-Santa Cruz), Revolution Revisited: The United Irishmen in the Early American Republic
Comment: Nicholas Rogers (York University)

(III) Colonial Ideologies During the Inter-War Years
Chair: Brian Shipley (Rutgers University)
Diana Shull (University of Colorado), Protecting "Our"Land and Nation: William Joynson-Hicks' Political Career and the Discourse on Englishness
Daniel Stephen (University of Colorado), West Africa at the British Empire Exhibition, 1924-1925
Marc Matera (Rutgers University), "The Magic of Fear": British Response to Ogu Umunwaanyi Women’s War of 1929”
Comment: Catherine Candy (Raritan Valley College)

SESSION TWO: 11:30-1:15

(I) Politics, Ideologies, and Asia in Early Modern Britain
Chair: Alastair Bellany (Rutgers University)
Martine van Ittersum (Harvard University), Imperialist Ideologies in Early Modern Britain: "Grotian" Rights Theories and The English East India Company
Philip J. Stern (Columbia University), Statemaking and Sovereignty and the East India Company-State in the Late Seventeenth Century
Andrew Mackillop (University of Aberdeen), British Provincials and the Rise of Militarism in South Asia, 1750-1800
Comment: Kumkum Chatterjee (Penn State University)

(II) Gender, Work, and Authority in Victorian Britain and the Empire
Chair: Andrew August (Penn State-Abington)
Anne Clendinning (Nipissing University, Canada), Engendering the Gas Industry: Women, Sales, and Domestic Technology
Elizabeth Prevost (Northwestern University), Negotiating the Nuptial Divide: Single Women and the Problem of Marriage in the Mission Field
Sascha Auerbach (Virginia Commonwealth University), "A Right Sort of Man": Gender and Authority in the Victorian State Education System
Comment: Mary Procida (Temple University)

(III) Old Left and New Left: 20th-Century Cultural Debates
Chair: David Silbey (Alvernia College)
Stephen Brooke (York University, Canada), The Body, Sexuality and Socialism: Dora Russell in the 1920s
Lawrence Black (Westminster College), The Enormous Condescension of Prosperity: The British Left and Affluence in the 1950s and 1960s
Guy Ortolano (Northwestern University), Recasting the "Two Cultures"
Comment: William Lubenow (Stockton State College)


SESSION THREE: 2:30-4:15

(I) Medicine, Mathematics and Music: Forms of Knowledge in the Seventeenth Century
Chair: Ann Coiro (Rutgers University)
Devin Griffiths (Rutgers University), Harmonizing Milton: Seventeenth-Century Musical Science and Areopagitica’s Branching Epistemology
Melanie Holm (Rutgers University), Mathematics, Empiricism, and Experimentation: Paradise Lost and the Search for Truth in Seventeenth Century England
Stephen Greenberg (National Library of Medicine), Thomas Sydenham and the Professionalization of English Medicine
Comment: Nigel Smith (Princeton University)

(II) The Unruly Victorian Family Before the Bar
Chair: Nancy Ellenberger (US Naval Academy)
Ginger Frost (Samford University), Enforcing (Im)Morality? Judges, Violence, and Cohabitation in the Criminal Courts, 1850-1905
Gail Savage (St Mary's College of Maryland), Defining the Boundaries of Marital Sexuality: Bigamy, Incest, and Sodomy in the Divorce Court, 1857-1907
Martin Wiener (Rice University), Trials for Domestic Homicide: Another Front in the Victorian War on Drink
Comment: George Robb (William Paterson University)

(III) Imperial Informants: Missionaries, Spies, and Company Men, c.1795-1930
Chair: Randolph Trumbach (Baruch College, CUNY)
Jodi Bartley (Marquette University), Capital Crimes and the Chinese Trade: British Perceptions of the Chinese Legal System from the Letters of Sir George Thomas Staunton
Anne Marie Stoner-Eby (University of Pennsylvania), Sinews of Empire? Correspondence Between African Anglicans in the Periphery and English Anglicans in the Metropole, 1880s-1920s
Priya Satia (University of California-Berkeley), The Unofficial Mind of British Agents in Arabia, 1900-1914
Comment: Patrick McDevitt (SUNY-Buffalo)

Lynn Lees (University of Pennsylvania), Creating a "Middle Ground": British Colonialism in Southeast Asia, 1850-1940


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