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MACBS Conference Spring 2005

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9 April 2005

Hilton Hotel
Alexandria at Old Town
Alexandria, Virginia

SESSION ONE: 9:30-11:15 am

1) Religion, Ethnicity, and Empire
Chair: Gail Savage (St Mary’s College of Maryland)
Christopher N. Fritsch (Independent Scholar) How English was English North America?: The Practice of Law on the Delaware in the Seventeenth Century
Mathias D. Bergmann (Randolph-Macon College) Contending with Britishness: Catholic Marylanders’ Responses to the Rise of a British Identity, 1689-1720
James H. Adams (Independent Scholar) Whose Hibernians?: Representing Fenianism in Anglo-American Discursive Space
Comment: Nancy Ellenberger (United States Naval Academy)

2) Cultural Controversies: Religion and Literature in the 19th Century
Chair: Laura Mayhall (Catholic University)
William C. Barnhart (Caldwell College) Anglican Volunteerism, Ecclesiastical Politics, and the Bath Church Missionary Association Controversy, 1817-1818
Margaret D. Stetz (University of Delaware) The Case of the Panicking Publisher: A New View of the Oscar Wilde Trials of 1895
Barbara A. Suess (William Paterson University) Scientific Metaphor in Ruskin, Pater, Wilde, and Yeats: The Politics of Literary Discourse
Comment: William Lubenow (Stockton State College)

SESSION TWO: 11:30 am-1:15 pm

1) New Research on Early Modern England
Chair: Amy M. Froide (University of Maryland—Baltimore County)
Katharine Olson (Harvard University) Private Devotion, Religious Ideals, and Household Life in Early Modern Britain: The Case of Wales, c. 1500-1630
William E. Burns (Independent Scholar) Out of the Mouths of Babes: Prophetic Infants in Interregnum England
Caroline Boswell (Brown University) Contested Social Spaces in Interregnum England
J. Lyndsey Rago (University of Delaware) "Wheels of a Feller Kind": The English State Lottery in the Reign of George III
Comment: Sabrina Baron (Folger Library and University of Maryland)

2) Race, Emigration and Empire in the 20th Century
Chair: Sascha Auerbach (Virginia Commonwealth University)
David Simonelli (Youngstown State University) "Laughing nations of happy children who have never grown up": Race, Commonwealth and the 1924-25 British Empire Exhibition
Kennetta Hammond Perry (Michigan State University) Presenting Race, Representing Reality: Black Migrants and the Social Construction of Citizenship in Postwar Britain, 1948-1962
Timothy Forest (University of Maryland) Racism, Profit, Alliance?: The Politics of Scottish Emigration to British Columbia in the 1920s
Comment: Dane Kennedy (George Washington University)


1) Roundtable Discussion: Beyond the Atlantic
Moderator: Christopher Grasso (College of William and Mary)
Alison Games (Georgetown University) Migrants, Oceans, and the Culture of Expansion
Paul Mapp (College of William and Mary) The Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Continent in the Middle
Philp J. Stern (American University) British Atlantic and British Asia: Comparisons and Connections

2) Gendered and Ethnic Identities in British Culture
Chair: Dina Copelman (George Mason University)
Joseph Sramek (CUNY Graduate Center) "The Master is No Longer a Master": Anxieties about the Manliness of British Civil Servants in Company India
Sara Abrosch (Independent Scholar) Modern British Anti-Semitism and the “Jewish Question”: A Preliminary Investigation
Comment: Randolph Trumbach (Baruch College—City University of New York)

PLENARY SESSION: 4:30-5:30 pm
Dane Kennedy, Elmer Louis Kayser Professor of History and International Affairs. The George Washington University
Bohemianism and the Rise of Victorian Relativism


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