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MACBS Conference, Spring 2007

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University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 14 April 2007

SESSION ONE: (9:00-10:45)

1) Seventeenth Century Foreign Policies
Chair and comment: Philip Stern, American University
Robert Cross, Princeton University: “Achieving Peace: Britain and Spain at the Dawn of the 17th Century”
Aaron Slater, New York University: “Imperial Projects and Parliamentary Politics: The Debate on the Colonies in the Parliament of 1621”
Jason White, Brown University: “Internationalist British Puritans: Religion, Newsgathering, and British Foreign Policy, 1618-1625”

2) English Voluntarism, 1840-1920
Chair and comment: Tim Alborn (Lehman College/CUNY)
Sara Abosch, North Carolina State University: "'An Urgent Appeal to the Benevolent': Fashioning Anglo-Jewish Charitable Giving, 1840-1880”
Daniel Gorman, University of Waterloo: "'As a Woman My Country is the Whole World': Voluntary Organizations, Public Diplomacy, and the Campaign against the Traffic in Women and Children in the 1920s”
Marc Brodie, Monash University: "'You Can’t Be Sure of Any Society Which Does Not Divide': Working-Class Distrust and the 19th Century Dividing Friendly Societies”

3) Race, Refinement, and Empire
Chair and comment: Carl Wennerlind, Barnard College
Doug Krehbiel, Univ. of North Carolina-Wilmington: "'Heddwch, Heddwch!': Prosecutions of Sport in Early Modern Wales”
Christa Dierksheide, University of Virginia: "'We Can Alleviate Though We Cannot Cure'": Bryan Edwards, the African Slave Trade, and Amelioration in the West Indies, ca 1770-1810”
Kathrin Levitam, College of William and Mary: "'Sprung from Ourselves': British Interpretation of Racial Demographics in the Settler Colonies”

SESSION TWO (11:00-12:45)

4) Eating, Dreaming, and Sleeping Empire
Chair and comment: Dane Kennedy, George Washington University
Winnie Chan, Virginia Commonwealth University: “The Eaters of Everything: Etiquettes of Empire in Kipling’s Narratives of Imperial Boys”
Jean Fernandez, UMBC: "'Only an Oriental could have planned it': Selling the Empire to Children in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess”
Nicole Hudgins, UMBC: “Visualizing an Imperial Legion: British War Photography c.1890-1918”

5) Nation, Religion, and Society in the Two World Wars
Chair and comment: George Robb, William Paterson University
Sascha Auerbach
, Virginia Commonwealth University: "'A Holy Panic': Race, Vice, and Law in Wartime Britain, 1916-1919”
Wayne Riggs, Marquette University: “A Healthy Coalition: The Experience of the Church of Scotland during the Great War”
Alan Allport, University of Pennsylvania: "'Out There You Picked Up Some Very Nasty ‘abits': Public Attitudes Towards British Servicemen in Occupied Germany, 1945-1947”

6) Transatlantic Crossings
Chair and comment: Christopher Hodson, McNeil Center for Early American Studies
Anna Suranyi
, Northeastern University: “New England Witchcraft in an English Context”
Travis Glasson, Temple University: "The Education of an African Missionary: Philip Quaque in London in the Mid-Eighteenth Century"
Tim Harding, Trinity College Dublin: “Postcards Across the Ocean: The United Kingdom-USA Chess Match, 1877-1880”

LUNCH 1:00-3:00

Plenary address:
Richard Price, University of Maryland: "Empire and its Encounters: the British and the Xhosa People of Southern Africa, 1800-1860."

SESSION THREE (3:15-5:00)

7) Medieval and Early Modern Women
Chair: Lynn Bothello, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Kristen Geaman, University of Delaware: “The Political and Cultural Influence of Sanchia of Provence”
Amanda Bilby, Johns Hopkins University: “Exploring Nonverbal Sociability in Seventeenth Century England”
Meagan Schenkelberg, Rutgers University: “Strumpets and Lucretias: The Coming of Actresses in Restoration England”
Comment: Amy Froide, UMBC

8) Class, Ideology and Identity in Modern England
Chair: Rene Kollar
William Lubenow
, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey: “Liberalism and the Shaping of Identities”
Amber Vazquez, Univ. of Massachusetts-Boston: "'Distrust Each Other As They May': Masters and Men in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Mary Barton”
Daniel Ritschel, UMBC: “(Re-)Constructing British Fascism: Explaining Sir Oswald Mosley’s Fascist Ideology”
Comment: Gail Savage, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

9) Art, Commerce, and Modernity
Chair and comment: Anne Nellis, Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts
Aileen Tsui
, Washington College: “Whistler’s Gold: Deceptions of Commerce and Veracities of Art”
Dory Agazarian, CUNY Graduate Center: "Constructing the Renaissance: the Shift from Gothic to Renaissance Revivalism and Victorian Aesthetics"


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