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Comparative Literature Program at Lehman College

Cocktail Reception


Although the institute has not hosted a cocktail reception in recent years, below are a few of the events from the past.

On Monday, January 31, 2011, at 5:30pm, a wine and cheese reception was hosted by Deirdre Quinn, president and co-founder of Lafayette 148 New York, for the CUNY Institute for Irish-American Studies. The purpose of the gathering was to announce those individuals who would be honored at our 2011 Annual Benefit Dinner in April. Our 2011 Dinner Chairs Nuala Purcell (Irish Voice) and Earle Hitchner (Irish Echo) announced the honorees at the wine and cheese. There is no charge for this event and about thirty of our supporters joined us to mark this important annual tradition.

On Tuesday, October 6, 2009, at 7pm, the CUNY Institute for Irish-American Studies hosted a wine and cheese reception to celebrate the Irish premiere of John Corigliano and William M. Hoffman's "The Ghost of Versailles". This opera of these Lehman College, CUNY, professors premiered at the Wexford Opera House the end of October. A sampling of the opera was performed by pianist Molly Morkoski, soprano Emily Pulley, soprano Caroline Worra, mezzo Cherry Duke, and baritone Kelly Markgraf at the reception which was held in the new Multimedia Center, Carman Hall, Lehman College.

This celebrations helped raise funds to continue the work of the CUNY Institute for Irish-American Studies. Funds were budgeted for support of our public events schedule and for stipends for graduate students and part-time faculty involved in Irish-American Studies scholarship.

In addition to attending these wonderful events, we thank those who supported the Institute for Irish-American Studies by placing an advertisement in our printed event programs.

Thank you for your continuing support of research of Irish America and promotion of Irish-American Studies.