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Department of Philosophy

Preparing for Grad School

How to go on in Philosophy after you graduate

First, there is the money

  • The expected lifetime earnings for someone without a high school degree is $973,000; with a high school diploma, $1.3 million; with a bachelor's degree, $2.3 million; with a master's degree, $2.7 million; and with a doctoral degree (excluding professional degrees), $3.3 million. 
  • If you’ve enjoyed your philosophy courses and want to go on, PhD programs pay students in living expenses and free tuition. 

Then there is loving what you do.

If you’ve enjoyed your philosophy courses and done well in them (mostly A’s and some B’s), consider enrolling in an MA or PhD program. The Lehman Philosophy Department faculty are eager to help you with the application process, so you have nothing to lose in process.
The graduate application process takes time and planning. You need: letters of reference, a strong GRE score, an impressive writing sample, and a compelling statement of purpose.
You can put these together on your own but here is how we can help.

  • Take the 3 credit PHI 481 Readings in Philosophy as the independent study for students who are preparing for grad school. Every step of your application will be supported in this course.
  • Take the 3-credit PHI 482 Honors tutorial if you want to both apply to grad school and write an honors thesis.
  • Take the GRE prep course as PHI 265, for credit or no credit.
  • Inquire about LSAT and MCAT prep courses when you register next.
  • Stay up to date by attending PHI Department GOING ON events each semester. 

For information and advice about which course to take, please contact, Philosophy Department Chair, Professor Juie Maybee,


2021-2022 Pre-Graduate Advising Workshops

Fall Workshops

Workshop 1
What does t take to get Into Graduate School (Not for Seniors Only!)
October 27: Wednesday 3:30 – 5:00

Workshop 2
Writing the Personal Statement: What to Put In . . . What to Leave out . . . How to Get Started.
November 10: Wednesday 3:30 – 5:00

Spring Workshops

Workshop 1
Writing the Personal Statement: What to Put In . . . What to Leave out . . . How to Get Started.
March 23: Wednesday 3:30 – 5:00

Workshop 2
Interviewing for Graduate School Admissions: What to Say…What not to Say...What to Expect!
April 6: Wednesday, 3:30 – 5:00