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Department of Biology

Biology Podcasts

Science for You: How Could Plants Help Treat Human Diseases? March 19, 2007

Dominick Basile is a professor in Lehman's Department of Biological Sciences. His research focuses on the origin and development of plant forms and structures. In this interview, Professor Basile discusses a concept called place-dependent suppression--why fish have scales, but humans don't, for example. He theorizes that interfering with the normal patterns of plant development might uncover how developmental capabilities in human beings could likewise be changed.

Science for You: The Chemistry of Human Bonds
November 1, 2006

Professor Maryam Bamshad is a lecturer in the Department of Biological Sciences. Her research focuses on how chemicals in the brain play a role in monogamous mating systems and parental behavior. In this interview she addresses the importance of parental bonding.