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Department of Biology

Faculty Maryam Bamshad

Faculty Maryam BamshadE-mail address:
Phone Number: 718-960-8646
Office: Davis Hall 134 (Lab: Davis Hall 221A)
Rank: Professor
Degrees and Sources of Degrees: B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Univ. of Mass.


The human stress response, which is vital for survival, can impact behavior and cognition. Depending on the stressor and its response, the effect on the body and the brain could be either positive (engagement and approach) or negative (disengagement and withdrawal). My research focuses on understanding how stress influences the development of social bonds and approach. My lab also investigates how stress affects cognition that is relevant to decision-making and problem-solving. Previously, using prairie voles as a mammalian model of human behavior, we showed that the father’s presence in early development is a social factor that affects neuronal connections in the brain and stress-induced social approach in adult males. Currently, we are studying human subjects to better understand the effect of stress on mental effort when solving problems. Our aim is to determine whether training can alter neuronal connections in the brain to enhance attentiveness and to change the mind’s cost-benefit analysis of mental effort exertion.

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