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Department of Biology

Faculty Jack Henning



Jack HenningE-mail address:
Phone Number: 347-577-4086
Office: Davis 130
Rank: Lecturer Doctoral
Degrees and Sources of Degrees: B.S. Hort, Univ. of MO-Columbia; M.Sc. Systematics, Univ. of Capetown, SA; M.A. Bio, Lehman College; M.Phil. Bio and Ph.D. Plant Science, CUNY Graduate Center

As a lecture-line faculty, I do not maintain a research laboratory. My interests, however, are in ornamental horticulture, green roof gardening, urban ecology, biodiversity, the flora of the Cape Region, and ornithophily. I have worked on the systematics of Melianthaceae focusing on Melianthus, an enigmatic shrub from Southern Africa with unusual black and brown nectar, and am currently exploring Leonotis, a polyphyletic genus that ranges from S. Africa into Ethiopia. My doctoral research was based locally at Van Cortlandt Park where I increased the floristic count from 355 taxa to 1117 taxa, and rising . In addition, I have work experience from three botanic gardens on three continents coupled with 30 years as a rooftop gardener in Manhattan. At Lehman, I have worked with the Minority Association of Prehealth Students for 10 years.


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  • Camino, J., Kalima, N., Ordenez, D., Thomas, N., Tabi, P., and J. Henning (2018). Beyond Vibranium: Exploring Antimicrobial Activity in a Traditional African Healing Herb. PDF
  • Acevedo, J., Camino, J., Saldanha, V., Vega, L. and J. Henning (2018). Leonotis menthifolia is Either, or Neither? #Fake News? Sad! PDF
  • Acevedo, J. and J. Henning (2018). Endangered Endodeca serpentaria: Living It Large In NYC! PDF 
  • J. Henning (2011). Herbaceous Diversity Dominates a Contrarily-rich Urban Woodland.
  • J. Henning (2012). Historicity Prevails, (Temporarily?)
  • J. Henning (2012). Can’t See The (Herbs in The) Forest For The Trees;
  • Court, B., Freeland, I., Gordon, M., Martinez, M., Molina, K., Montas, O., Morris, R., Roe, M., Smith, M., and J. Henning (2016). To Plot or Not? Plotless Surveying in Van Cortlandt Park
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