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Transfer Student Information


Welcome to the Department of Accounting! Thank you for your interest to continue your undergraduate degree at our Department, in School of Business, Lehman College. Our unique curriculum will prepare you to be market-ready when you complete your Bachelor’s degree!

We offer two sets of undergraduate degrees in accounting, B.A. and B.S. With a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, the students will develop a portfolio of competencies which include preparation of financial statements, tracking financial performance and developing strategic information management skills. These are relevant and in extremely high demand in the economy.

Most of our transfer students pursue a degree in B.S. in accounting as this leads to the path to the CPA exam. To find more information about each, please click on “Degree Programs in Accounting”. In there, you will be able to find relevant information on the degree requirements.


Students are required to have an advising meeting in the Department to be advised and have their major approved. It is best to schedule the appointment after you have received notice that your credits are evaluated. Advising appointments are made through Navigate.

We encourage students to take ACC I and II before they transfer. Having a knowledge of the discipline allows students to take more major classes right away and therefore complete their degrees more easily.

We strongly encourage students to prepare for the BS in Accounting by taking mathematics before they transfer. It is possible to complete the BS major by taking mathematics at Lehman College, but taking pre-calculus or calculus before matriculation will help, especially for the required finance classes.

Once admitted you may have courses that need to be equated with Lehman courses. They will show in Lehman 360 under ‘Transfer Courses’ as 8888 equivalencies. You must upload a description or syllabus for the courses in order for us to determine what coursework you completed in the courses marked 8888. *You need to do that right away to avoid repeating courses you may have already taken*. Do this right away so that we can determine exactly what coursework you need to complete.


If you haven’t applied to Lehman College yet, please go the Admissions Office website for more information on transfer requirements and the application process.

Once you have been accepted you will receive detailed information from the Admissions Office regarding the next steps toward becoming enrolled at Lehman. Please note that this process does take some time, so apply to transfer as early as possible!

We very much look forward to welcoming you to the School of Business.