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Prof. Columba de la Parra
Department of Chemistry

Columba de la Parra

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

Phone: 347-577-4095

Office: New Science Hall-Office 4402




Postdoctoral Training- NYU School of Medicine, N.Y.

Ph.D. in Biochemistry- Medical Sciences Campus, University of Puerto Rico, P.R.

M.Sc. in Biotechnology- Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., and ITESM, Mexico.



Research synopsis

My research has forwarded our understanding of metastatic breast cancer. I am passionate about health promotion and disease prevention, and I have had the fortune to be able to pursue a professional and academic career that allows me to make significant contributions on these areas, particularly in breast cancer research.


My research intends to answer the following:

Project 1-Translation initiation and the metabolic switch in breast cancer metastasis

• How does translation initiation orchestrate the metabolic switch in breast cancer metastasis to support cancer cell growth and proliferation?

• Do cancer cells have a translation initiation preference to switch the metabolic pathway based on the site and stage of metastasis?


Project 2-Molecular mechanisms by which bioactive compounds act on chronic diseases

• Can Genistein restore sensitivity in breast cancer resistance to Tamoxifen?



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