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Department of Chemistry

Iraj Ganjian

Iraj GanjianProfessor, Organic Chemistry
Phone: 718-960-8837
Office: Davis Hall 422


  • Pharm. D., School of Pharmacy, Teheran University, Iran, 1968
  • M. S., College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Colombia University, 1973
  • M. PH., Columbia University; 1975
  • Ph. D., Columbia University; 1977
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley, 1979-1981

Research synopsis

My research is spread across organic, heterocycles, organoselenium, organometetellic and natural products with overlap between the different areas. It presents basic research involving studies of mechanisms and functional groups transformation in organic compounds. Synthesis of selenium heterocycles and acetylenic selenides such as amino acids containing selenide moiety. Carbohydrate-based metal chelators of biological interest. Natural products chemistry, isolation, identification and separation techniques.


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