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Continuing Education Certificate Programs

Business Management Courses

Management skills for business leaders classes at Lehman College in the Bronx! No matter what your industry is, being a leader in today’s business environment is tough. Invest in yourself and your team with these change management classes to build the practical skills necessary to lead your team through unprecedented times and increase your support network.


  • High School diploma or equivalency.
  • Program is taught 100% live online. Basic computer skills are required.



You must complete all required courses listed with a grade of C or better to earn a Lehman Certificate. To request your Lehman Certificate, please email with “Certificate Request” as the subject line.


Negotiation & Conflict Management

This course will help you better understand the theory, processes, and practices of negotiation, conflict resolution, and decision-making in a work environment. The hands-on class format will empower you with real-world experience to be a more effective negotiator in a wide variety of business situations.

MGT 01 / 10 sessions / 25 hours / Online

Organizational Change

This case-study-based course will prepare managers and business professionals responsible for planning, facilitating and managing company change initiatives, as well as identifying key business drivers that typically guide the need for organizational change. You’ll learn different techniques and interventions for working with resistance and encouraging innovation and transformation in various organizational settings.

MGT 02 / 10 sessions / 25 hours / Online

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is both an art and a skill. Students in this course will learn how to break down a business plan, identify its weak points and realign its components to create a stronger plan for organizational success.

MGT 03 / 10 sessions / 25 hours / Online

The Art of Supervision

In today’s constantly changing business environment, challenging situations are bound to arise. Build confidence and learn problem-solving skills for working with difficult employees with this practical approach for improving group performance, exerting authority, time management and staff interviewing.

MGT 04 / 10 sessions / 25 hours / Online

Creating Effective Teams

Developing teamwork is essential for orchestrating and driving organizational success. This course will teach you the essential tasks needed to build an effective team and provide you with practical techniques you can use for each of those tasks.

MGT 05 / 10 sessions / 25 hours / Online


Phone: 718-960-8512


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