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José J. Cao Alvira

Office: Carman Hall, Room 368
Office Hours: T 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Phone: 718-960-8297


  • Ph.D., Cornell University
  • M.A., Cornell University
  • B.A., University of Puerto Rico

Professional Bio

José Julián Cao Alvira is a Professor of Finance and Economics for Lehman College of The City University of New York. He obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from Cornell University, and holds the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Financial Risk Manager (FRM) professional designations. He lectures graduate and undergraduate courses in Corporate Finance, Investments, and Microeconomics and has served as a visiting professor in several research centers in Europe and South America.

Professor Cao Alvira has received important recognitions on account of his scientific research -being a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award the most recent of these- and serves within multiple advisory committees for a number of national and international institutions. His manuscripts have been published in numerous peer-reviewed scientific journals; these including Financial Management, Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting, Computational Economics, North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Review of Development Economics, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, International Trade Journal, and International Finance, among others.

José Julián has also held executive administrative positions in higher education institutions in the U.S. The most recent of these is being the Associate Dean for the School of Natural and Social Sciences of Lehman College of The City University of New York. At this position he served eleven academic departments and over 135 full time faculties in areas of budgeting, scheduling, assessment of learning and curriculum development, and offered support to over 4,200 students.

Selected Works in Progress

1. Remittances and Velocity (with Diego Vacaflores).
2. Bank Concentration on Firm Leverage and Profitability (with A. Núñez-Torres).

Publications – Refereed Academic Journals and Scientific Books

1. Cao-Alvira, José J., A. Novoa-Hoyos and A. Núñez-Torres (2021). On the Financial Literacy, Indebtedness and Wealth of Colombian Households. Review of Development Economics, Forthcoming. (Wiley)

2. Cao-Alvira, José J. & Luca G. Deidda (2021). Development of Bank Microcredit. North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Forthcoming. (Elsevier)

3. Cao-Alvira, José J. & L. Palacios-Chacón (2021). Financial Deepening and Economic Growth: A Regional Analysis of Colombia. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Volume 57, Issue 3 pp. 875-890.. (Taylor & Francis)

4. Cao-Alvira, José J. & A. Núñez-Torres (2019). On TARP and Agency Securitization. International Finance, Volume 22, Issue 2 pp. 186-200. (Wiley)

5. Alonso-Gonzalez. A., M. Peris-Ortiz & José J. Cao-Alvira, (2018). Personal Branding as a Knowledge Management Tool to Enhance Innovation and Sustainable Development in Organizations, at M. Peris-Ortiz (Ed.), “Knowledge, Innovation and Sustainable Development in Organizations” Springer Nature. ISBN 978-3-319-74881-8. (Springer)

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7. Nieves-Rodríguez, E., José J. Cao-Alvira & M. Pérez (2015). The Influence of Special Occasions on the Retail Sales of Women’s Apparel, at K. Kubacki (Ed.), “Ideas in Marketing: Finding the New and Polishing the Old” Springer International Publishing. ISBN 978-3-31910951-0. (Springer)

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