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Juan J. DelaCruz, PhD

Photo of Juan DelaCruz Office: Carman Hall, Room 379
Phone: 718.960.8159


PhD in Economics, New School University
MS in Biostatistics, Columbia University
MA in Economics, New School University
BA in International Relations, National Autonomous University of Mexico

Selected Publications in Health Economics:

DelaCruz, JJ; Cartagena, M; Huerta, U & Perez, N (2021), "Health Disparities and SocioEconomic Impact of COVID-19 among Hispanics in New York City", Hispanic Economic Outlook, (non-peer-review, upcoming)
Kakolyris, A; DelaCruz, JJ & Giannikos, C (2021), "COVID-19, Race/Ethnicity and Age: The Role of Health Technologies to Close the Gaps on Health Disparities", Journal of Economics, Race and Policy (Springer), DOI: 10.1007/s41996-021-00089-y, DelaCruz, JJ; Giannikos, C; Kakolyris, A; Utzinger, RC & Karpiak, SE (2021), "A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Combining Medical and Mental Health Services for Older Adults with HIV in NYC", Atlantic Econ Journal (Springer),
DelaCruz, JJ; Brennan-Ing, M; Kakolyris, A & Martinez, O (2020), "The Cost-Effectiveness of Mental Health Treatment in the Lifetime of Older Adults with HIV in New York City: A Markov Approach", Pharmacoeconomics - Open;
DelaCruz, JJ; Jamal, M; Rivera, R & Singh, P (2020), "A Revision of the Epidemic HIV in New York City: Health Disparities and Income Inequality Among Blacks and Hispanics", Hispanic Economic Outlook, (non-peer reviewed)
DelaCruz, JJ (2018), "Foreign Aid and HIV/AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean: Should We Adjust the Degree of Response?", 46(3):337-349, Atlantic Econ Journal (Springer),
DelaCruz, JJ (2016), "Right to Equal Care: Health Inequality Among People of Color", Achieve, 7(4):14-17 (non-peer reviewed).
DelaCruz, JJ; Karpiak, SE & Brennan-Ing, M (2015), "Health Outcomes for Older Hispanics with HIV in New York City Using the Oaxaca Decomposition Approach", Global Journal of Health Science, 7(1):133-143,
Martinez, O; DelaCruz, JJ, et al (2014), "Still a Hard-to-Reach Population? Using Social Media to Recruit, Latino Gay Couples for an HIV Intervention Adaptation Study", Journal of Medical Internet Research, 16(4,e113):1-14,
DelaCruz, JJ; Papanikolaou, N and Wu, R (2013), "The Influence of Imprisonment on HIV and its Impact on Health-Related Inequalities in New York City", IJ of Economics and Business Research, 6(2):115-126. DOI: 10.1504/IJEBR.2013.055534,

Grant Activity

DelaCruz, JJ (PI), "COVID-19, Race/Ethnicity and Age", PSC-CUNY Award # 64033-00 52. Total Award: $3,500. Budget Period: 07/01/2021 to 06/30/2022.
DelaCruz, JJ (Consultant), "Increasing Latinos COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake through Evidence-Based Community-Engaged Precision Intervention", National Institute of Health, Dr. Omar Martinez (PI), Temple University (funded)
DelaCruz, JJ (PI), Columbia University's HISTP, "Psychosocial Determinants of HIV/AIDS among Older Hispanics in New York City: The Need for Cost-Effective Interventions". Total Award: $20,000. Budget Period: 01/10/2017 to 06/29/2019.
DelaCruz, JJ (PI), National Institutes of Health's Loan Repayment Program. Total Award: $41,929. Budget Period: 07/2017 to 06/2019
DelaCruz, JJ (PI), The Diversity Projects Development Fund of CUNY (2012), "Examining the Effects of Incarceration and US Drug Policy on the HIV Epidemic for Blacks and Hispanics in NYC". Total Award: $4,700. Budget period 01/01/2012 to 08/31/2012
DelaCruz, JJ (PI), 40 PSC-CUNY Research Award (2009), "Fighting the HIV Epidemic in Latin America". Total Award: $2,300, Budget period from 07/2009 to 06/2010.
DelaCruz, JJ (PI), George N. Shuster Research Award (2010), "The State of the HIV Epidemic in Latin America and The Caribbean: Policy Recommendations". Total Award: $2,300, Budget period from 07/2010 to 06/2011.