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Department News

Meet Our Two New Fulltime Faculty

Photo of Professor Ning Chen
Ning Chen
We welcome Dr. Ning Chen to our department as Full Professor with primary teaching focus on Human Resource Management and Organization Behavior. She has widely published in business management and psychological science journals. She also serves as a reviewer or panelist for the APA (American Psychologists Association) and the NSF (National Science Foundation) as well as multiple peer-reviewed journals. Prior to joing us, she was a faculty member at Clarion University of Pennsylvania and Fudan University in China.
Photo of Professor Nari Kim
Nari Kim
We also welcome Dr. Nari Kim to our department as Assistant Rrofessor. Her teaching and research interest focus onManagement Strategy and Corporate Governance related topics. Previously she was a visiting scholar at Univerity of Pennsylvania and post-doctoral researcher at University of California, Irvine.

Another SHRM Award for Lehman SHRM Chapter!

The Society for Human Resource Management awarded the Lehman College Student Chapter of SHRM the "Superior Merit Award for excellence and achievement during the 2018-2019 Student Chapter Merit Award period." As indicated on SHRM's website, “the Student Chapter Merit Award program recognizes chapters for outstanding activities and programs in four broad areas: Chapter Operations; Chapter Programming and Professional Development of Members; Support of the Human Resource Profession; and SHRM Engagement.” Planning and implementation of these activities and programs have to occur on an annual basis and within SHRM’s prescribed guidelines. Merit Awards are then granted based on the number of activities and programs each student chapter executes.

Our Student SHRM chapter has won five (5) consecutive SHRM Awards: 2018 - 2019 Superior Merit Award; 2017 - 2018 Merit Award; 2016 - 2017 Merit Award; 2015 - 2016 Honorable Mention Award; and 2014 - 2015 Honorable Mention Award. Note: The Superior Merit Award is a step up from our previous award accomplishments.

Congratulations to our SHRM chapter leaders, students and Professor Shirley Bishop!

SHRM Superior Merit Award 2015 SHRM Superior Merit Award 2016 SHRM Superior Merit Award 2017 SHRM Superior Merit Award 2018 SHRM Superior Merit Award 2019

June 2016 Department Newsletter, Issue 2 Volume 1

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