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Milman Scholars 2021 - 2022

Patricia Ann McCaffrey, Literacy Studies

As a Milman Scholar, I facilitated a reader's theater project with my students to improve their fluency. All the students in this small group have disabilities that affect their reading ability. Students read four books, then voted on which one they wanted to adapt into a reader's theater script. My students decided to adapt What Do You Do With A Chance? By Kolby Yamada. Once students generated the script, they practiced their lines focusing on accuracy, phrasing, and expression. Throughout the process students recorded themselves reading and rated themselves with the teacher assistance using the Multidimensional Fluency Scale. All students increased their fluency scores, and students will be performing their reader's theater script for other students June 2022.

Digital Book: What Do You Do with a Chance?

Derrick Smith, Dual Childhood and Special Education

Derrick Smith Arts is important to me because it allows my students a platform to express themselves. In my presentation I wanted to capture different ways students can be creative. Words are important but a picture brings the words to life and in my presentation that is something I wanted to convey to you all.

Video: Arts into the Curriculum





Iantha Alexander, Literacy Studies

Iantha Alexander Using an online platform, my students will inform others of a specific amendment from the Bill of Rights. Through the use of descriptive language, visuals, and videos, they will teach you about some of the rights that still live today.

Slideshow: Bill of Rights Presentation




Yokasta Betancourt-Rosa, School Building Leadership Program

Yokasta Betancourt-Rosa In P.S/I.S 218 Rafael Hernández Dual Language Magnet School Kindergarten students explored a Science Unit, Pushes and Pull, and were asked to either create a video explaining pushes and pull or create a pin ball machine explaining a moving object in either English or Spanish. This unit was a great project based learning opportunity! Parents and teachers helped students create their final projects in different ways and students then presented to their peers.

Video: Science Unit Final Video Project Assignment




Nikolas Nestor, MSOL Program

Nikolas Nester My video presentation focuses on the advantages of using gamification as a learning tool. Gamification is a term that describes incorporating game-like elements in a non-game environment and is widely utilized in classrooms with learners of all ages. The pandemic also increased the usage of gamification in virtual learning environments in addition to its performance in traditional school settings. The two types featured in my presentation are real-life examples that I used in both ESL (K-12) and adult classes.

Video: Using Gamification as a Learning Tool