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Anti-Racism Statement

The Department of Counseling, Leadership, Literacy and Special Education stands committed to

  • Asserting explicitly, intentionally and vocally our identity as an anti-racist academic department;
  • Identifying, addressing and eradicating individual, cultural and systemic/institutional racism;
  • Examining Whiteness, privilege, power and control and challenging these, individually and collectively, in our tenure/promotion, teaching, service, research, admissions and leadership/advocacy;
  • Translating our values and beliefs into actions that dismantle racism instead of just addressing issues of racism and inclusion verbally;
  • Learning and embracing anti-racist pedagogy, designing inclusive syllabi and promising that our scholarship highlights equity, ethics and justice wherever applicable; and
  • Revising, developing, implementing and advocating for systems, policies, programs and practices that dismantle racism and White privilege within our department, within the School of Education and within Lehman and CUNY.

CLLSE faculty and staff stand in absolute solidarity with our students, our colleagues, our alumni and every teacher, counselor and leader of color who has experienced racism in their professions, their schools, their classes, their lives. 

We continue to listen. We continue to learn. 

Vision, Mission, and Values


Members of the Department of Counseling, Leadership, Literacy and Special Education are committed to empowering individuals, families, schools, organizations and communities; affirming diversity; and advancing equity and social justice through exceptional and reflective instruction, innovative programs, engaged research and collaborative relationships.


Members of the Department of Counseling, Leadership, Literacy and Special Education develop teachers, counselors and leaders who are empathetic, informed, curious and committed to reflective practice and to serving and supporting our schools, families and communities, as ethical agents of social change and academic growth. 


Kindness: We believe you always treat people the way you expect to be treated.

Ethical Behavior: We believe when interacting with people be professional, responsible, honest, fair, reliable, authentic and trustworthy.

Community: We believe community starts within our programs and extends throughout Lehman College and the broader community.

Social Justice: We believe that we must challenge multiple oppressions in our work and collectively help close funding, achievement, opportunity and equity gaps in Prek-16 schools, in all types of organizations and in communities.

Self Reflection/Reflective Practice: We believe in making multiple changes to our work based on an ongoing assessment of teaching, candidate engagement and advisement practices; and based on continuous dialoguing with colleagues, candidates and community members.

Exceptional Teaching: We believe that modeling best teaching practices, staying current in research and collaborating to create exceptional teaching and learning experiences will produce outstanding teachers, counselors and leaders.