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Relationship to Taskstream

TaskstreamTaskstream┬áis a Learning Management System that is being used by the School of Education for the edTPA requirements and program improvement, assessment and ePortfolio (folio) learning. As a recognized partner of Pearson (New York State’s edTPA scoring platform), candidates will be able to securely transfer their commentary, video and other forms of evidence to Pearson for official scoring by trained and calibrated scorers.

Students will be required to have Taskstream accounts during student teaching to collect both student teaching material as well as edTPA certification requirements. Many programs or individual courses will require students to have Taskstream accounts for the full length of the program or course.

Taskstream Support: CALL 800-311-5656

Lehman student teachers and interns will find content specific edTPA requirements on the left side of your Taskstream account, and your student teaching or intern DRF (directed response folio) requirements on the right side.

Taskstream DRF (directed response folio)

The Difference Between Your Taskstream edTPA Program and Your Student Teaching/Intern DRF: