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Lehman College

Teaching Video Resources

Videos of classroom teaching and video commentary (narratives, reflections) are increasingly being used as assignments and for assessment in teacher education programs. The New York State Teacher Certification (edTPA) includes a video submission as part of a portfolio requirement. Reflecting on actual practice can help student teachers move from intellectual understandings to improved performance. Below are some classroom teaching videos and resources that Lehman College faculty and students can use to discuss, analyze and review teaching practice.

Georgia Department of Education

New classroom teaching videos online with lesson plans from Georgia Department of Education (each lesson + video includes lesson plans, instructional material, formative and/or summative assessments, rubrics, etc. Worthy of a peek especially for edTPA mapping/preparation and seminars).

Harvard Best Foot Forward Project

Excellent articles and research out of Harvard about the benefits of video in teacher evaluations. This is a huge resource trove.

Best Foot Forward Project

Video Observation Toolkit

There is a zip file available online with all of their resources.


Articles about Video in Classroom Observation

Introducing the above resources:

The benefits of adding video to teacher evaluations (eSchool News)
Author: Miriam Greenberg is the director of education and communications at Harvard University’s Center for Education Policy Research

Using video in the classroom to help teachers and students (Education DIVE)

Teaching Channel

The Teaching Channel is a video showcase of "inspiring and effective teaching practices in America's schools." Registered members can trade ideas and share inspiration from each other. You can search and filter the topics by subject, grade, and topic. It includes excellent quality videos, teaching, commentary (cut and uncut). If you have specific recommendations for videos that you want to share with your colleagues, please email the URL to with a brief sentence about the demonstration/use value.

Professor Joye Smith recommends the following:

Video: Breaking Down the Common Core

Engage NY (Common Core Video Series)

The New York State Education Department has created a video library to support professional development and create opportunities to reflect on effective teaching. They describe it as an, “innovative and differentiated resource that brings the Common Core instructional shifts, teacher and leadership evaluation and data driven instruction to life. The library, which will house hundreds of videos from around New York state, captures teaching and evaluation along a developmental arc and tags for characteristics like grade level, subject area, Common Core Standards and instructional shifts and teacher and leader evaluation rubric indicators. Videos range in length from short 5 minute clips to longer views of lessons up to 40 minutes.”

Teaching Videos for Analysis

YouTube videos compiled by Dr. Immaculee Harushimana