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Cohort 1

2020 - 2021




Lu Marino

Advance Certificate in Science Education, 2021

Placement: DeWitt Clinton High School

"LUTE-STEM experience is like going to school with your private support team, who prepares you for the task and eliminates all obstacles way ahead of time. During the summer we received training in digital tools and software for teaching, workshops addressing co-teaching techniques, and training for google classroom. By the time the fall semester arrives, you are ready to co-teach with your host teacher. The support I received along the way is so valuable and rich, I wouldn’t mind paying for it. The program train and prepare you for your interview with the host school. They guide you in setting up your Taskstream account, Swivl account, and help you navigate all the DOE requirements. Throughout the fall semester, you are co-teaching alongside your host teacher and supervised by a Lehman College faculty; helping you to meet program and degree requirements. By the time spring rolled around, I felt an expert high school teacher - ahead of student teaching. Speak with a student teacher who is not a LUTE-STEM resident, you will see how overwhelmed they are by spring student teaching. Therefore, my advice to you is become a LUTE-STEM resident, earn a living stipend while getting top-notch service to prepare you for student teaching and the teaching career upon graduation. Did I mention you also get computer science micro-credential at the end of the residency? Thank you LUTE-STEM! You guys raised us high and let us shine."





Karen Molina

MSED Science Education - Biology, 2021

Placement: DeWitt Clinton High School

"As a person entering the teaching profession after years of working in a different field, I could not imagine making this transition without being part of the LUTE STEM program. This program allowed me to experience the classroom in ways I could have never been able to during a single semester of student teaching. When I began my student-teaching semester and took over full class responsibilities, I felt prepared and confident in the relationships I had established in the classroom. I had an original idea of what it was to be an educator, but the LUTE STEM program and the endless resources and support it provides helped me envision the educator I aspire to be for my future students."




Ifeoma Ezehanyika

Special Education, Early Childhood, 2021

Placement: AmPark Neighborhood Schools

"Being part of the LUTE STEM residency program has transformed my notion of teaching. It is not just a means to transfer knowledge to the student but about developing lifelong learners and instilling non-cognitive skills required for academic excellence and development. As a prospective educator, I have learned that I am obligated to provide a high-quality learning environment for the students in my care to learn, develop and acquire the skills needed to become productive members of society. The yearlong teacher preparation program advocated by LUTE STEM will help me transition into student teaching this semester with ease and give me the opportunity to gain hands-on teaching experience for a whole year."




Jonathan Paladini

MSED Science Education, Biology, 2021

Placement: Walton Campus - Ceclia Cruz High School

"I was not expecting to become part of LUTE-STEM while on the journey of earning my MSED. I knew nothing about it until my science program coordinator mentioned it to me and suggested I should consider applying. The LUTE STEM program turned out to be the quintessential component necessary for my growth and preparation as an educator. Once accepted, you become part of a team of individuals that have a tremendous amount of experience in the field. They guide and assist with professional development opportunities and help you complete necessary paperwork the state requires for you to receive your license to teach. They make that process as smooth as possible. But it doesn't stop there. LUTE STEM staff does a lot of the lifting to find you the right match for your student teaching and the entire year-long residency. You are getting paid a stipend to earn experience - something you would normally pay to do. That's a big deal, especially during COVID-19. It alleviates a tremendous amount of stress while being a full-time student and figuring out finances during student teaching.

Lastly, we must recognize that LUTE-STEM is providing you with a full year of teaching experience prior to obtaining your license. I believe the more you are hands-on, the more skillfull you will become. I expect to come out of this program with more real-world experience, and a higher level of confidence that others will recognize and respect. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to be a resident teacher of LUTE STEM. I implore others to consider this as their best option."





Aline Vushaj

MSED Elementary Childhood, Grades 1-6, 2021

Placement: AmPark Neighborhood Schools

"My experience in Lehman College’s LUTE STEM Program has been one full of opportunities to explore the world of teaching and experience interactions with students, staff, and parents on a first-hand basis. As a teacher-to-be, the opportunity to learn from a mentor teacher year-round has given me the time and space to reflect on all the wonderful insight and feedback from professionals, advice and strategies that will aid in supplying my own ‘teacher toolkit’. These experiences have helped to strengthen and solidify my teacher identity, which is something that I would have struggled with without the exposure of following my host teacher for the whole year through.  The support from staff and community, conference check-ins, webinars, and weekly newsletters were bonuses in keeping us in the loop and making sure we were involved in all aspects and that we felt secure and prepared during our time as residents."



Juanita Myers

MSED Early Childhood, 2021

Placement: Amalgamated Nursery School

"Participating in the LUTE-STEM program at CUNY Lehman College has been nothing short of a remarkable experience. This program really helped me improve my teaching abilities. I was paired with an exceptional host teacher who guided me in proper teaching methods from the beginning. Having gone through this program I can honesty say I feel very prepared to teach as a lead teacher in any early childhood education classroom. Unlike other programs where you are thrown right into student teaching, here you are given time to enhance your skills before beginning the student teaching process. I had the opportunity to work in a nursery school alongside an excellent host teacher who was very supportive in helping me reach my goal of being the best teacher I can be. Though the journeyo is long, I look forward to going into the workforce better prepared from having gone through this program. I highly recommend all those that aspire to be the best educator they can be to take part in the extraordinary support services provided by LUTE STEM. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing it."





Jessica Choe

MSED Secondary Education, Mathematics, 2021

Placement: DeWitt Clinton High School

"I'm so thankful to have been part of the LUTE STEM teacher residency program because it gave me a full year experience in the classroom instead of one semester, with traditional student teaching. I had more time to build rapport with my assistant principal, host teacher and students as well as practice lesson planning and adjusting to the school culture and environment. The extra semester was key in building my confidence and comfort level with responsibilities of student teaching, and I would highly recommend the program for all teaching candidates."




Amanda Gilmartin

MSED Elementary/Childhood Education, Grades 1-6, 2021

Placement: AmPark Neighborhood Schools

"I am incredibly grateful to be a LUTE-STEM resident. I could not have imagined going into a school as a first-year teacher without the resources and skills I have acquired and networked through LUTE-STEM. I will be following this program closely as an Alumni; I look forward to seeing how the program evolves and progresses over time."



Lesley Tenorio-Lara

MSED Elementary/Childhood Ed. w/ Bilingual Extension, 2021

Placement: Samara Community Schools

"Throughout my college career, I felt like I never had the same opportunities to be in a classroom the way some of my colleagues have. As time started to get closer to graduation, I was worried that this was going to be used against my favor when it’s time to look for a job after graduation. When I was informed about the LUTE STEM Program by my program coordinator, I realized it was an opportunity to be in the classroom to gain year-long experience I needed before completing my degree. I was very fortunate to be matched and placed in a school where I was able to see the importance of Bilingual Education and to see firsthand the strategies used to in a bilingual setting. I was able to observe my host teacher and his team and understand his philosophy as an educator because I had the chance to be more involved in the classroom. I was able to create and build relationships with the students because I was present from the very beginning. This really helped me out prior to student teaching beginning in the spring. I felt confident and comfortable in my teaching abilities because of the opportunities and customized support provided by LUTE STEM."



Emmie Suarez

MSED, Early Childhood Ed. w/ Bilingual Extension, 2021

Placement: Samara Community Schools




Zedica Davis

MSED Elementary/Childhood Education, 2021

Placement: AmPark Neighborhood Schools





Nathalie Rivera

MSED Elementary/Childhood Education, 2021

Placement: AmPark Neighborhood Schools




Aimee Grace Embaba Ngatse

MSED Science Education, Biology, 2021/2022

Placement: Walton Campus - Celia Cruz High School



Jessica Auletta

MSED English Education

Placement: DeWitt Clinton High School