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Eligibility and Application


We are looking to recruit residents who are:

  • Content strong in core disciplines and able to make subject matter comprehensible to all students in PK-12 settings;
  • Data wise and prepared to differentiate instruction for students who speak languages other than English and who have special learning needs;
  • Excited by the opportunity of earning a micro credential in computer science education and willing to infuse design thinking into curriculum; and
  • Inspired to make a long-term commitment to urban populations in Bronx schools.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Minimum of 15 semester hours of graduate course work with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 by the end of Spring Semester 2022
  • All applicants are required to take and pass the Content Special Test (CST) prior to fall 2022.
  • An endorsement from your program coordinator or advisor attesting to your ability to complete a year-long residency during the 2022-2023 academic year and your MSED course requirements by the end of Summer Term 2023.
  • A writing sample
  • An interview with the LUTE-STEM Project Director

What should I do to follow up?

  • Make an appointment with your program coordinator/advisor to determine whether you are on track to be part LUTE-STEM cohort 3.
  • Watch the LUTE-STEM Job Search Preparation video (Click here) to prepare a resume, cover letter as well as improve on interviewing skills.
  • Schedule an appointment to complete the writing sample and interview by emailing with email subject header - “Writing Sample and Interview Appointment.”

Apply to LUTE-STEM

Application Deadline: April 1, 2022

To submit an application for fall 2022 [Cohort 3] do the following:

1. Open this website using google web browser

2. Right click this link Application Form

3. Select "Open link in Incognito Window"

4. Follow the instructions in this guide How to get to the application form

If you need help filling out the application or would like more information, please contact the Project Director at