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Prospective Students

Noyce Focus-On-STEM Scholars are chosen from a competitive pool of applicants, but what is most important to our program is that students are both qualified and have a passion for teaching. Students are selected from a diverse group of backgrounds and experiences that prove to enrich their teaching style and effectiveness.

Core Eligibility:

Applicants to the Noyce Scholarship Program must meet the following criteria:

• STEM Major [Please check to see how you can be eligible as STEM Major]
• STEM Graduate or STEM Professional
• Academic Performance in the major: overall GPA of 3.25
• A written essay showing an interest in teaching mathematics and/or science to middle and high school students
• Personal Interview
• Two letters of recommendation, one of which must come from a Lehman College or CUNY science,
technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) faculty who can comment on the applicant’s academic achievement
• Commitment to three years of teaching in a high-needs middle or high school after the successful completion of the three-year Program
• A US citizen or permanent resident