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The Noyce Focus-On-STEM Scholarship Program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), prepares and educates young, energetic mathematics and science teachers with proficiency in teaching to Multi Language Learners and students from different cultural backgrounds for high needs middle and high schools.

Noyce scholars develop their knowledge and skills in the classroom as well as in the field. Our partnership with New World High School in the Bronx and Mt. Vernon City School District in Westchester County makes this possible.

School Overview
New World High School is centered around the language acquisition needs of students in all subjects. The school engages students in acquiring and developing the skills necessary for success by infusing English as a Second Language (ESL) into all content areas of instruction. Technology is also infused throughout the curriculum to develop and reinforce concepts and skills.

The classes are small and the academic program is challenging, with the expectation that students will have a successful transition out of the ESL program in a timely manner and be able to graduate in four years. Students share their native cultures and languages and learn to become active citizens in their new country as they adapt to and flourish in the American culture and the use of the English language.
The staff works closely with students to ensure a successful progression not only in high school years, but as they continue their education or join the world of work.