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Meet Our Noyce Scholars

Sarah Martinez graduated with honors from Lehman College and was accepted into the Robert Noyce STEM Fellowship Program. She received a full scholarship to complete her Bachelor’s and Master's degrees in mathematics and education; she graduated in the spring of 2018 from Lehman College with a Master's degree in Middle and High School Education and mathematics.

Teaching has provided Sarah with the opportunity to maintain equity in the classroom, and to be culturally responsive in all aspects of her pedagogy. Lehman instilled a passion for reaching ALL students.

The Lehman Department of Education supported Sarah through her academic career, to her certification, and finally to a full-time position as a teacher in the South Bronx. They prepared her to enter the professional world of education with tangible support and experience, allowing her to succeed in the classroom in her very first year.

Sarah is currently an 8th-grade math teacher at a middle school in the Bronx, NY for the past 5 years. She has rewritten the curriculum and created a new curriculum using the International Baccalaureate framework. She has composed workbooks and manipulatives; which provided opportunities for students to develop their skills in real-world contexts.

Sarah is consistently involved in mentoring and developing new teachers in her school, and fostering positive relationships using co-teaching models to reach students with disabilities.

In the future, Sarah hopes to use the skills she developed at Lehman to grow as a leader and reflective practitioner.

Shivani Lall graduated in May 2016 from Lehman College with a bachelor's degree and the following May earned her master's degree in science with a minor in Middle and High School Education. A motivating factor for her to attend Lehman came from her high school experiences of taking college now classes. Her drive to become an educator was always present but became predominant when she became a big sister in middle school. Joining the Noyce scholars reinforced what she knows was her life job.

While at Lehman taking classes with her cohort, she learned that majority the teaching process happens outside the classroom. From planning the lessons, building in questions, finding readings, creating interactive activities, reading the room, using retaliative culture examples, and lastly thinking on her feet. All the preparation and knowledge she has obtained has transformed her from the quiet shy person she was to a confident teacher in her 4th year of teaching.

Favorite Quote: "Take pride in how far you have come and believe in how far you can go. Never stop learning."

Favorite Moment: Seeing the Ah-ha look in her students' eyes when they make connections.