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Department of Earth Environmental and Geospatial Sciences



GeographyMany people associate Geography simply with knowing where things are. While knowing where things are is important, Geography is much more than place names and locations. It is the study of spatial variation, of how and why things differ from place to place on the surface of the earth.  Why are earthquakes common in California and less frequent in the Midwest? Why is there so much political instability in the Middle East and not in Australia? Why do you find a concentration of French speakers in Quebec and not in other parts of Canada? Geographers focus on the interaction of people with each other and with the environment; they seek to understand how and why physical and cultural spatial patterns evolved thought time and continue to change.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)Geography helps you to understand current events. Geography matters because it is the only discipline concerned with understanding why and how both physical and cultural phenomena differ from place to place. Geography is vital to an understanding of national and international issues such as global warming, AIDS, or population growth. Geographers’ expertise can not only help us understand the world, but also help us improve it.

Studying Geography provides access to a diversity of job opportunities in public and private enterprises dealing with the natural environment, human economic and social activities, spatial data; in the government at federal, state, local levels (agriculture, commerce, education, health and human  services, housing and urban development); or in teaching from elementary to postgraduate levels. Many Geographers today find excellent employment due to their skills with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS is an area of particular strength in our Geography program. Therefore, we are convinced that you will not find a better place to study Geography in the New York region than Lehman College.

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