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Who should meet with Dyan Atkins? General Advising for Health Science Majors.


The Department of Health Sciences welcomes questions from prospective students. Below is a list of all our degree programs and the program director for each program. Please feel free to contact the program director directly for further information about a degree program:

Degree Programs

B.S. Dietetics, Foods, and Nutrition

Program Director: Dr. Kate Burt
Gillet Hall, Room 432
Phone: 718 960 7972

B.S. Exercise Science

Program Director: Dr. Gul Tiryaki-Sonmez
Apex, Room 265
Phone: 718 960 7755

B.S. Health Education and Promotion

Program Director: Dr. Danna Ethan
Gillet Hall, Room 431-C
Phone: 347 577 4034

B.S. Health Services Administration

Program Director: Professor Amy White
Gillet Hall, Room 422-D
Phone:718 960 5599

B.S. Recreation Education

Program Director: Dr. Jacob Eubank
Apex, Room 269
Phone: 718 960 5605

B.S. Therapeutic Recreation

Program Director: Dr. Hyangmi Kim
Apex, Room 267
Phone: 718 960 8067

M.A. Health Education and Promotion

Program Director: Dr. Craig Demmer
Gillet Hall, Room 334
Phone: 718 960 7313

M.S. Ed. Health N-12 Teacher

Program Director: Dr. Lisa Fusco
Gillet Hall, Room 336
Phone: 718 960 8085

M.S. Human Performance and Fitness

Program Director: Dr. Brad Schoenfled
Apex, Room 261
Phone: 718 960 1999

M.S. Nutrition

**This program currently does not accept international applicants.**
Program Director: Dr. Lalitha Samuel
oom 421-B
Phone: 718 960 8589
Apex, Room 267

Dietetic Internship

Director: Professor Marina Stopler
Gillet Hall, Room 432
Phone: 718 960 8796