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Welcome to the Department of Health Sciences

Danna EthanThe Department is one of the four departments within the School Health Sciences, Health Services, and Nursing and comprises a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified faculty distributed across its seven programs: Dietetics, Foods and Nutrition; Exercise Science; Health Education and Promotion; Health Services Administration; Public Health; Recreation Education; and Therapeutic Recreation, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Many of our faculty are clinicians working in their respective fields and providing expert guidance for future professionals, while others are engaging in active scholarly pursuits through research and publications. These experiences are used to prepare our students throughout their academic careers within and outside the classroom.

Our devoted faculty teach a diverse student body and lead courses using a combination of face-to-face interactive classroom lecture between students and faculty; distance learning through online coursework; and intensive writing activities to expand the capabilities of our students beyond graduation.

The Department offers seven undergraduate degrees:

  • B.S. in dietetics, foods, and nutrition including the coursework required for the Didactic Program in Dietetics, which is the first step to becoming a registered dietitian. It also gives the opportunity to prepare for a career in food service management;
  • B.S. in exercise science, which prepares students for careers in exercise science, physical fitness, and wellness in a corporate environment, community settings, and in the fitness industry; and a degree in exercise science also provides a very appropriate background for those going into fields such as medicine, sports medicine, physical therapy, athletic training, occupational therapy or exercise physiology.
  • B.S. in health education and promotion, which prepares students for careers in community health education;
  • B.S. in public health, which prepares students for careers in public health like such as: Peace Corps, city health agencies, nonprofit organizations, international organizations, and higher educational institutions;
  • B.S. in health services administration, which provides students with the knowledge and skills to become administrators in hospitals, community health facilities, insurance companies, and in health maintenance and managed care organizations;
  • B.S. in recreation education, which prepares students for entry into the recreation administration, exercise, and leisure services profession.
  • B.S. in therapeutic recreation, which prepares students for careers in therapeutic recreation.

These degree programs provide opportunities for students to focus on these diverse areas of health professions, yet they will receive a common core of courses in biostatistics, epidemiology, and the U.S. health care system. The didactic and experiential components of these programs prepare students for success in graduate studies. In addition, students learn to provide technical assistance in the analysis of health problems in individuals and communities, in policy formation and management. They also acquire professional skills in the delivery of services in health education, nutrition, health administration, exercise science and recreation therapy.

The Department offers five graduate degree programs: