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Philosophy of the Nursing Department

The philosophy of the Department of Nursing encompasses the faculties’ beliefs about the concepts of education, nursing, persons, environment and health, and provides a framework for the nursing curriculum of the undergraduate and graduate programs. The faculty believes that professional nursing education must take place in institutions of higher learning as the nursing programs build upon the liberal arts and sciences to develop the critical thinking essential for providing nursing care in our society, and for developing the profession of nursing. A Baccalaureate education prepares students to begin professional practice, while graduate education provides the knowledge base for advanced practice, leadership, and theory development within the profession. Higher education also provides opportunities for students to develop their potential as individuals and as contributing members of society. The programs encourage students to be active participants in their own education and in life-long learning. The importance of the student’s inter-subjective relationships to professional development as well as self-development and self-awareness is emphasized. These inter-subjective relationships occur with teachers, peers, clients, and other health professionals.

Nursing is the assessment and treatment of human responses to the actual or potential health needs of people. It requires the collaborative effort of the nurse with a client, family, and other health care professionals. Nursing seeks to identify and enhance health-seeking behaviors of clients through such services as case finding, health teaching, health counseling and provision of supportive care throughout the life cycle. The nursing profession bases its practice on knowledge generated through nursing research and from the humanities and natural sciences. Nursing is committed to the ethical care and nurturing of well and sick people individually and in groups. Professional nurses are self-directed, skilled in oral and written communications, accountable for their actions and able to make sound decisions and formulate independent judgments.

The person is an active being with an inherent capacity to choose among situations presented by life and with responsibility for these choices; everyone experiences the world differently and has a particular way of seeing the world. Each person is valued and supported in his/her uniqueness.

The environment is that which is in mutual and simultaneous interchange with the person. Reality is multidimensional, context-dependent, and relative.

Health is a condition of actualization or realization of the person’s potential. It is primarily a measure of each person’s ability to do what he/she wants to do and become what he/she wants to become. Health encompasses disease and non-disease.