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Lehman College

Brain and Language Lab

Welcome to our lab. We are investigating the role of neuromodulation in treatment of speech and language disorders, such as stuttering and aphasia. In the lab we study the use of EEG and tDCS to target neuromodulation and potentially improve the effectiveness of speech and language treatment. Students working on this project are given a unique opportunity to gain research experience in EEG and tDCS and to understand the ways clinical research can lead to evidence-based practice in speech-language pathology.

For further information regarding our research please contact Dr. Peggy S. Conner

Brain and Language Laboratory Members

Brain and Language Laboratory Members

  • - Hannelyn Boyd, Research Assistant
  • - Rebeca Mora, Research Assistant
  • - Yvonne Faria, Research Assistant
  • - Veronica Gonzalez, Research Assistant
  • - Cynthia Ortiz, Research Assistant
  • - Dianne Pincay, Research Assistant
  • - Elizabeth Rho, Research Assistant
  • - Jessica Suarez, Research Assistant
  • - Ryan Weiss, Research Intern

Student-Led Presentations

  • Ortiz, C. and Gonzalez, V.  “Effectiveness of transcranial direct current stimulation in reducing stuttering frequency: A case study,” 11th Annual Student Scholarship Showcase April 2019
  • Boyd, H., Mora, R., Ortiz, C., Pincay, D. and Suarez, J. “Improving the inter-rater reliability methodology for data analysis of speech dysfluencies,” CUNY Graduate Center Student Research Day, April 2018.
  • Faria, Y., McNulty, F. and Gonzalez, V. “Promoting aphasia awareness,” 10th Annual Student Scholarship Showcase, Lehman College, April 2018.
  • Mack, M.A., Mora, R., Faria, Y., McNulty, F., Ortiz, C., Perez, H., Pincay, D., Samuel, A., and Suarez, J.  “Application of transcranial direct current stimulation (tdcs) in research across disciplines,” CUNY Institute for Health Equity Annual Conference, May 2017.
  • Feliz, J., Grateraux, R. and Conner, P.S. “Relationship between stuttering severity level and listener reactions to stuttering,” 8th Annual Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Day, Lehman College, April 2016.